Stop the vilification campaign against Tejas

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(Tejas LCAs lined up on tarmac)

A planned vilification campaign is now underway against the indigenous Tejas Light Combat Aircraft programme. It has been initiated in newspapers and internet sites. Next one can see television — with TV channel reporters always ready for a joy ride in the Swedish Saab Gripen E (not NG) or the American Lockheed Martin F-16, talking down Tejas as they have done in the past.  (See, for example,,-not-enough-to-protect-Indian-skies-IAF-444423 and, in today’s Times of India —

This campaign is framed around a briefing by IAF and demanded by the NSA Ajit Doval who, supposedly, wanted some clarity on the single-engine aircraft the service is pushing for to, in quick time, enlarge a fieldable force of fighter squadrons.

Some of the comparisons of the 4.5 generation Tejas with Gripen and F-16 are laughable but swallowed whole by the Press and electronic media that don’t know any better. The IAF is dead set against the antique F-16. And unless the Modi government succumbing to Trumpian pressure (already evident in Mattis’ and Tillerson’s visits) compels IAF to buy this wretched old aircraft — and set back the indigenous defence industry by another 60 years, as last happened when the Indira Gandhi govt and IAF bought the Jaguar and killed off the Marut Mk-II in the ’70s), there’s no way, the F-16 will sport the IAF roundels.  So the fight really is between the home-grown and HOME-DESIGNED Tejas and foreign Swedish maal.

On the notional basis of the performance so far of the LCA operational ‘Flying Daggers’ 45 Squadron at Sulur Air Force Station, Tamil Nadu, these are the issues and figures given out which will be dealt with here ad seriatim. Mind you, so far there are 4 aircraft in the Squadron that have logged some 400 hours plus in the air. On this basis the Complaints are that:

Tejas logs 20 hours of maintenance per 100 hrs of flight per aircraft (Vs 3.5 hrs for F-16 and 6 hrs for Gripen.

Truth is right now the maintenance time is 14 hrs per 100 hrs of flight. But this is an entirely new aircraft with built-in diagnostic systems that are experience-driven. Meaning, the more the maintenance crews become conversant with the aircraft the less is the time they spend on upkeeping it. Moreover, the maintenance hours put in on aircraft is also a function of the confidence of the pilots in the fighter plane. An entirely new genus of aircraft necessarily results naturally in greater wariness of the pilots and their requirement that even the minutest doubts they may have be addressed. In other words, with more Tejas entering squadron service and more pilots becoming familiar with it on the basis of the sharing of piloting experience and technical solutions,  the less will be the demand for the kind of thorough maintenance the LCA presently is subjected to, and the maintenance protocol will be adjusted over time to trim the upkeep timeline. This is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL.

In contrast, F-16 is a 50-year old aircraft whose basic planform/architecture hasn’t changed a whit even as bells and whistles have been added periodically to “upgrade” the aircraft. It is as comfortable as your old pyjamas. And by which reckoning, perhaps, the IAF can call back the old Hunter aircraft — which was a wonderfully easy aircraft to fly and maintain. The Gripen E Saab is trying to sell to IAF has barely undergone speed taxi trials (meaning has never taken to the air). But because our military are institutionally inclined to accept anything foreign on faith — the Swedish item apparently evinces no worries.

Even more farcical is the IAF’s griping about “Endurance” — 1 hour for the Tejas Vs 3 hrs for Gripen and 6 hrs for F-16. Here, IAF is borrowing from the Indian Navy’s rejection of the naval LCA.

But the Tejas wing area (storing fuel) is larger [earlier typo, sorry] at 38.4 sq metres compared to 30 sq metres for Gripen. So how to explain the touted figures? Easy — compare apples and oranges! What is quoted for Gripen  is its ferry range, for Tejas the fully mission-loaded operational range at 0.7 Mach speeds. Is this fair? Further, if aerial refuelers are used the LCA range can be increased manifold (just as Gripen’s can be and F-16’s). This was proven when the Tejas flew to Bahrain for the 2016 Air Show with ONE refueling stop.

Even more ridiculous are the purported concerns about the Tejas’ lifespan– 20 yrs Vs 40 yrs for the Gripen/F-16.

The fact is the normal life of planes is 25-30 years, or 3,000 flying hours. The Tejas has been designed for FOUR TIMES this span at 12,000 hours! At 3,000 opl hrs is when the airframe of the LCA  will have to undergo strenuous tests to ensure there is no metal fatigue. BUT IN THIRTY YEARS MANNED COMBAT AIRCRAFT WILL BE FULLY EXTINCT. THEY ACTUALLY ALREADY ARE AS I HAVE REPEATEDLY POINTED OUT. So whether the Tejas lasts 12,000 hrs is hardly relevant. No more in any case than whether the F-16 will be mission ready in its 100th year with that mighty  repository of advanced technology — the Indian Air Force!!

One fervently hopes the Modi regime has enough sense to not buy the F-16 museum piece, and Doval to see that the Tejas is not being sidelined just so the purchase of the Gripen goes through. If IAF wants more combat aircraft quickly — farm out the production of the Tejas to the private sector that I have been suggesting for many years now. With two aircraft production lines at HAL and two, three or even four more lines with one each for Tata, L&T, Mahindra, and Reliance Aerospace (throw in the Adanis — if Modi is determined on it) — each rolling out 18 LCAs per year the IAF will have a large force of constantly improved and upgraded Tejas LCAs in less time than it will take to get the game up with Gripen/F-16. It will also once and for all shut down all excuses for looking abroad for “single engine” fighters.

And the comparable cost, clean configuration (i.e., w/o weapons, etc) : Tejas for $25 million, Gripen  $50 million and the rocking chair-ready F-16 at $100 million.


But the military services have realized that they can meet their craving for imported hardware by simply riding on Modi’s ill-thought out ‘Make in India’ policy. This is how the military is making nonsense of the PM’s basic idea by exploiting the slack in it. But PM Modi — advised by Doval?? —  is acting innocent of this ruse. Time to ask that such  procurement nonsense be stopped, Madam Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. And as first order of business instruct Vayu Bhavan to immediately cease THE VILIFICATION CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE TEJAS. And Messrs Modi and Doval better take note, unless they want history to remember them as dolts if not outright saps and suckers.

[Reproduced in The Quint on November 13, 2017,



About Bharat Karnad

Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, he was Member of the (1st) National Security Advisory Board and the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, and author, among other books of, 'Nuclear Weapons and Indian Security: The Realist Foundations of Strategy', 'India's Nuclear Policy' and most recently, 'Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)'. Educated at the University of California (undergrad and grad), he was Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC.
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55 Responses to Stop the vilification campaign against Tejas

  1. Aban says:

    Don’t you think outsourcing production of Tejas to Reliance will smell of crony capitalism? Why not bring in Larsen&Toubro or simply expand HAL’s capacity?

  2. Aban says:

    Are the engine and other parts of Tejas imported or made in India?

  3. Imported GE 404. And 414 for Mk-2s. Get a license to make the damn thing here. Most importantly, TEJAS IS OUR VERY OWN DESIGN. Nothing else is important.

    • Vishal says:

      We are working on our own kaveri engine and hopefully it might just be ready for mk2 production.

    • Uttam Mahatta says:

      Yes sir, Subhash Bhamre informed Parliament that Tejas has 75.5% Indian components and, with time, the foreign-sourced sub-systems will be reduced.

  4. Ankith says:

    Been waiting for your article!

  5. Rahul says:

    So typical Indian! And we also want self-reliance and to be a superpower.How? Its a catch up game ,one we can never ever win unless we put in our own time on our own things! I hope Tejas is not scrapped.

  6. kaldag says:

    Do the people in the forces read this blog? I hope they do. Hope what you have written reaches Mr. Doval. I remember Mr. Doval talking about the import lobby somewhere.

  7. AP says:

    Please correct Sulur is in Coimbatore not sullurpeta which is in Andhra

  8. interestedobserver says:

    Vayu Bhavan has lost it. They should be censured and some Air Marshals sent packing to ensure such propaganda is not repeated.

  9. Vikram Sharma says:

    Very wise words, only if wisdom sticks with IAF and MOD… More power to Tejas

  10. Rohit Nair says:

    I am glad that you had posted your blog on this article, I had read the same article and thought how bad does it will hit on the LCA program.

    But taking national security into account and immediate threat, what is your point of view on adding a mix of Gripen E (40) and LCA tejas (90). Giving us the competitive edge as well as the quick influx of modern aircraft with squadron strength ? Any challenges on the same.

    I assume that IAF will reject the F16 with PAF understanding of the same aircraft

    • No good. The mix of Gripen and Tejas is what IAF is planning on. It will be means of completely sidelining and then eliminating Tejas from the inventory altogether. Exactly how Marut HF-24 was rubbed out of the fleet.

      • Rohit Nair says:

        Why does our government not support reverse engg, like the Chinese govt? I am sure the Russian did not send them any TOT while supplying su27 or su30 to them.

    • Venugopal says:

      I don’t think a mix of some small change of this and some small change of the other one will work out commercially to both Gripen and their’Indian Partner ‘ particularly if a brand new assembly plant by the Indian partner company is to be setup for a paltry qty of 40 air planes as it has been suggested. Also for the Tejas to expand the production at another plant in India will be a lot cost effective and all the know how at all stages of manufacture are available from the parent company, HAL any time . Except for a very few IP protected sophisticated proprietary items on the Gripen most of the ‘ not available ‘ from Indian sources, lot of other systems from the engine to avionics, flight controls ,,weaponry management are all from foreign sources ( to aircraft company ) for both Gripen and Tejas are sourced globally anyway. What the reporter missed to mention was the most important factor. The Complete Transfer of Technology which both SAAB and Lockheed General Dynamics have categorically refused to share with their Indian partners.
      Some of the in house built critical systems ( of both these companies ) will will not be made in India ( even if assembled by them in India ). Also another most important factor that will not be included by ( these foreign firms ) is the EWCM( Electronic Warfare and Counter Measures ) software which is practically a custom developed software . Well, such sophistication technologies , and Radar, stealth and similar works are underwater or some already developed and undergoing field trials – by DRDO teams and other institutions . I don’t think we are all that bad considering all these . The spirit and achievements of ISRO to date should be emulated for supporting in-house design and manufacture of the advanced variants of Tejas and, not fall a prey to improve a foreign aircraft manufacturer’s sagging business.

  11. K P Singh says:

    I its the inability and corruption of IAF and IN and/or MoD beaureaucrats that tejas problems couldn’t be addressed in time bound manner; besides they never invested in the Tejas R & D to make it a viable combat platform. Tejas mark 2, which serves all the purposes and which is better than the f 16 and gripen having inferior airframe and capabilities but has no backing by IAF and IN and hence may be scrapped. So India will not have an indigenous option and the services will have to opt for imports. Tejas mark 2, with 5000kg external load, 3-4 hrs continuous operation endurance owing to an on-board oxygen generation system, 1000kg weight reduction. It is moreover equipped with best-in-class integrated advanced EW suite, ‘Uttam’ AESA radar with 150km detection range with multiple tracking, and Litening targeting pod, less than 45 minutes of maintenance time, and extended range due to 1000 litres of extra internal fuel load. In almost all aspects, it is better than the 3rd rate f16 and the 2nd rate gripen airframes and avionics. Further, when tejas mark 2 is upgraded with the Kaveri engine having thrust vectoring nozzle, it will become an even more potent combat platform — something the IAF and IN have never had in its inventory of foreign aircraft. Remember, tejas mark 2 will be 1000kg lighter than gripen and 4000kg lighter than f16. Tejas is not junk. It is the culmination of Indian scientists’and designers’ extreme labour. The proof is in the fact it has never crashed ever. Who the bloody hell is saying that it is inferior in its class? That’s bloody nonsense! Indeed, we all must stop vilifying a potent and cost effective weapon platform developed indigenously.

    • Tomorrow lives says:

      Once LCA and Tejas MK2 are built they can’t be modified with TVC engines. Tejas MK2 is not a competition for single engine aircraft but an extension. I know we don’t want to blame DRDO but IAF. But IAF is the one that protects the airspace and they know when it doesn’t work. We are using empty words to blame. The article should have provided a comparison of test results of the advertised aircraft.

  12. sanman says:

    Why doesn’t India at least get some minimal spec warplane ready for export? Market forces are the best way to ensure the aircraft becomes competitive. When I look at Tejas, it reminds me a lot of the Mirage 2000. We should simply find some foreign customers willing to buy Tejas jets for their own defense, and export these planes. Some decent export prospects will at least keep these planes alive, even if IAF doesn’t prefer them.

    • Aban says:

      Those vested interests (foreign lobby etc.) who want to kill Tejas will never allow it to be exported. If we start exporting, foreign manufacturers will have a new competition. Their intention is to kill India’s defence industry (whatever little exists) before it could take off. Exporting would keep our industry alive and could remain a source for future procurements for IAF. So It all boils down to Indian govt’s intent and conviction to tackle these subversive interest groups.

      • sanman says:

        I think the solution is to target Tejas at the low end of the market. India should sell them to customers who can’t afford the more popular aircraft. It’s only much later, after Tejas is established in the marketplace, that you can then move up market.

  13. Rao says:

    This is a good one,Professor !

    Indian Air Force doesn’t want to let go of its “Imported Air Force” tag. So, every trick in the bag is being used to scuttle the induction of Tejas. The desperation of IAF has increased in last few months because HAL is on track to produce Tejas in double figures. If enough Tejas come in squadron service, pilots who already love flying it, may begin appreciating the aircraft deeply. That freaks out IAF top brass as all future foreign trips, kid’s scholarships, and Tyagi type adventures will be eliminated.

    So, one by one attacks are coming. First, Ahuja killed Naval – LCA and now IAF wants to finish the job. Hope PM Modi and Mr Doval understand that the educated youth of country are watching this nonsensical drama that has picked up pace after Parrikar left the Defence Ministry !! Tejas is the future of IAF, nothing else !!

  14. V.Ganesh says:

    The Tejas LCA has one thing which no other nation in this world has and that is the advantage of having the element of surprise thanks to the Tejas being in service only in the IAF.

    No other AF in this world is using Tejas, so, there are things about Tejas that only India knows [leaving aside what’s already known/available about in the public/open-source domain].

    As an aspiring superpower coupled with a desire to become a permanent veto-wielding member of the UNSC, this is a good time to induct more Tejas LCAs including it’s naval variant. That way, India will demonstrate to the world it’s confidence in it’s indigenous military-industrial complex by going in for the indigenous Tejas LCA.

    If India misses this opportunity to induct more Tejas’, it’d show itself as a strange kind of aspiring superpower to the world – one which doesn’t have confidence in it’s own indigenous military-industrial complex and military hardware, in this case, a combat aircraft like Tejas LCA.

    Last, but, not the least, inducting through Tejas will banish all the costs associated with buying foreign aircraft which come with their share of troubles like ToT to name one. Inducting Tejas will also open foreign markets for Tejas and this will be one more opportunity for GoI to earn money, build bridges/gain markets and extend it’s sphere of influence.

  15. Prasad Shastri says:

    All that GOI need to do is state that we are only going to buy Tejas & expect IAF to develop winnable strategies accordingly & if the top brass feel that they are incapable to do so then their immediate resignations are expected. Constantly shifting goalposts is true not only for Tejas, but for every other Indian developed Military equipment, be it Arjun, Aakash et al. Goalposts have now moved out of the stadium.

  16. Rupam says:

    Namaskaar Bharatji,
    Is there any way in which by generating more awareness about matters such as these among the citizens we can generate enough traction for the TEJAS platform and subsequent AMCA such that the govt. is forced to drop the foreign maal and is it even legally possible? Or do we just hope that Modi and Sitharaman actually have brains and take the right decision?

    • ‘Am afraid it is the latter.

      • Rupam says:

        If a Indian manufacturer comes up with a better(or same type of) engine than the GE one then will the govt. probably again push the throttle on the Tejas program or this is also wishful thinking to expect the govt. and babus to actually do something worthwhile when defense is concerned.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Tejas, F-16, Gripen :- American engine
    Rafale, Mirage 2000 :- French engine
    SU 30-MKI, MiGs :- Russion engine
    Jaguar :- British-French engine
    so whatever aircraft ( even helos) we r using or abt to use is powered by a foreign engine which puts us in a very risky situation esp. in adverse conditions like war… bharat sir i just wanted 2 know what is being or cud be done 2 tackle dis n what d progress of our very own kaveri engine?……whether we r getting some foreign techical assistance (eg:- Safran) or not? …..further whats d status f Tejas Mk-2 which i hope ” if completed” wud put in danger dis “foreign maal ki dalali ka dhanda ” of import lobby in our country to some extent.

    • AMCA is derailed as I mentioned in an earlier post because it is the evolution of the Mk1A & Mk-2. If Mk-2 is taken out of this development sequence AMCA has a steeper mountain to climb.

  18. Abinash says:

    Absolutely correct .
    Let’s not sell off to such Congress era campaigns by foreign agencies’ villainous attempts. If we give in now, we will never rise as a nation.
    I always have known that Tejas is a great machine.Remember one of the makers of Tejas was APJ Abdul Kalam. When the missiles are OK,when INSAS has been OK for so many years then why not Tejas?? Why no offer is made to sell US air defence systems, or the S 500 (thereby publicly admitting that our AAD or BMD is non-effective?). Another case is the nuclear submarine case. The people are far more matured and aware than in the 1960s or 1970s.
    Considering our pilots attained martyrdom while undertaking routine sorties with the Mig 21, Tejas is a million times superior.

  19. Magicmantra says:

    Welll..have u ever seen a automotive review by someone who has never driven the car being reviewed..touche…do give the IAF some credit..they are the ones whose life is online…in peace or when fighting a war…not armchair strategist…enough of this vilification of armed forces…put ur neck online and then pass remarks from behind a desk….

    • Rao says:

      When you go to buy a car, what are the main factors affecting your purchase? Price of the car, utility of the car and of course its comfort factor and mileage. Right ??

      Do you ask your driver which car he would love to drive? Will his opinion affect your purchase decision??

    • Yes indeed.
      Do listen to those who have been flying Tejas and love.
      Criminally Corrupt “Procurement Tsars” have no business to thrust rotten obsolete IMPORTed aircrafts of 70s vintage upon our young pilots whose life is at stake

  20. Bold and Brilliant ! CONGRATULATIONS and Thanks Prof Bharat Karnad for exposing the deliberate vilification compaign against SWADESHI Tejas aimed at sustaining IMPORTEOMANIA – the chronic and mercilessly debilitating disease characterised by OCD to IMPORT that has been draining county’s precious resources and BLEEDING Bharat Mata (In whose name BJP RSS and our beloved and Hon’ble PM swear) ! OCD – “Obstructive Compulsive Desire” is the psychotic disorder suffered for decades by the “Arms Procurement Tsars” that has included a few Politicians, Babooz and the Battle fearing Delhi loving handful from user Services .

    The recent article published in the ‘Times of India’ is nothing but a BUNCH of LIES and nefarious PROPAGANDA perpetrated since the SHOCK of the Maiden Flight of Tejas WITHIN 8 years of “1st piece of Sanction of Engg Dev of LCA” and within 6 yrs of the user half-heartedly deciding on its requirement in 1995. The maiden flight on 4th January 2001, in spite of best efforts to sabotage LCA program, had sent shivers down the spines of global Arms Manufacturers and their agents in Bharat including the “Procurement Tsars”, marking launch of massive vilification compaign against indigenous LCA (soon named as Tejas) ! The stakes are too high, they fear the “emergence of a strong competitor in global market” far more than the “loss of market in Indian Air Force”.

    It seems strong loyalty towards foreign Manufacturers / their Governments never allowed export of Indigenous Arms citing the most absurd logic that “Selling Arms was UNETHICAL in view of commitment to Non Violence” ! If IMPORTS were ETHICAL, how could EXPORTS be UNETHICAL ??????????

    Alright, if our armed forces truly believe that only the IMPORTed Weapons and Platforms can serve their purpose, then
    1. Stop wasting public funds on Self-Reliance,
    2. Auction globally all the Presently Developed Technologies with 1st preference to our own (Indian) industries, giving truely free hand DEVOID of Bureaucratic hurdles to the Scientists for Complete Technology Transfer including Know How, Know Why and hand holding till the Industry Partner fully absorb the technolgy and stabilizes production.
    3. Make it mandatory for the buyers of such technologies to manufacture within Bharat
    4. Give Complete Freedom to such Industry to EXPORT their products to ANY COUNTRY whatsoever, without any interference, direct or indirect, from Indian Government or any of its constituents.

  21. Sivabalan K says:

    What I feel is IAF should induct Tejas MK 1A in enough numbers and actively support the development of tejas MK II . Once Tejas MK II is fully developed some or most of the 5th gen technologies can be tested there…then we can start developing AMCA or a twin engined Tejas. Thats a more realistic way…so the design and development will be completely with India!!

    IAF can çomprise three aircraft:Tejas–>Rafale–>Su-30. Later,Tejas–>Rafale–> AMCA.

  22. Prasenjeet S. Chauhan says:

    Mr Karnad : What are your views about Army’s recent RFI for FRCV’s? Also is this a step to kill the DRDO’s FMBT program?

  23. V.Ganesh says:

    “2 great democracies must have greatest militaries: Trump & PM”, this is the title of a news report on today’s The Times of India.

    Bharat sir, do you think PM Modi has already fallen for the sales pitch for F-16s and F-18 from President Trump and that it’s a foregone conclusion that PM Modi will now have the IAF and Indian Navy buy F-16s and F-18s because they suit his Make in India campaign and also will help him showcase this a creating jobs in India and help him win the General Elections now that 2019 isn’t that far?

  24. buddyonline7 says:

    Sir i have borrowed a few lines from your article in my article. Do you mind? Can you comment on my article on linkedin

  25. Pingback: Isn’t Defence Preparedness Victim of IMPORTEOMANIA like Arjun, Tejas…., Swadeshi are ! – vishvaadhaarambhaaratah

  26. Warriorsayz says:

    Sir, I have one questions about the costs mentioned here…is the $25 mn price tag for Tejas based on the original Mk1 version? and also the $50 mn price tag for gripen based on the earlier versions ? I did some digging and found that Brazilians paid a whopping $150 mn for their 36 Gripen E…some similar big numbers came up when I checked about the last lots of F16’s that were sold to UAE, Bahrain and Iraq (160-200 mn) …

    So if we follow these number what do you think the cost would be for the base versions of the Mk1A? I hope you have some answer for me…

    I have send you a bit more detailed email over to ur ID, hope you find some time to check that…


  27. Sanjiv Reddy says:

    Can HAL give commission to the bosses like foreigners do ?

    • In kind, mostly. DPSUs (HAL included) “look after” senior officials in the Dept. of Defence Production very well, including “holidays”, etc. all at the public’s expense.

  28. V.Ganesh says:

    Bharat sir, as per this news report [] in The Indian Express, as per a top IAF officer the F-16 seems to be ahead of the Tejas and Gripen.

    Please be kind enough to share yours r thoughts on this. I think the IAF has made its mind to go in for the F-16 going by what’s been said in the above-mentioned news report.

  29. Kya says:

    Written 5 years ago

    would raise hackles in the US,” said Kak, a former air marshal.”

    so for this person raising the heckles of usa is more dangerous than leaving india open to blackmail from usa and threat(very real) that usa will one day attack or take over india through blackmail-considering the impotant prime ministers that india is good at producing we are already on way to becoming slave to american and not indian inrerests.)).


    india has to develop the ICMBs in order to protect herslef from angloamerican aggresion so where is this “question of antagonizing the west “comes into being? we certainly need to make the us guard agasint any aggrssion from the west mainly anglosaxon race..

    Buoyed by the successful test of a missile that can hit China, India says it can extend its nuclear range beyond Asia, but experts say it is unlikely to take such a step for fear of upsetting the West.

    Sources say the DRDO’s most treasured dream – denied in public – remains the development of an ICBM with a range of 15,000 kilometres, already christened Surya or sun, to match Chinese DF-3 ICBMs that can hit US cities. afp

    Russia., india and china, and some european countries as well (germany, france, italy etc) must pool their resources to defeat the anglo-american evils in the world.

    Now please read this underlined quote from an american paper.
    (From the Christian scince monitor of 12 th Feb,, 2007).

    •” Russia is already supplying India with the Sukhoi-30MKI, an advanced “fourth generation” warplane that consistently defeats its Western counterparts, such as the frontline US fighters, the F-15C and F-16. Versions of the Su-30 are also being sold to China, Venezuela, and Malaysia.”

    (christian scince monitor of 12th feb, 2007).

    Asked about the possible advantage the Gripen held over an aircraft like the F-16, Wagermark said: ‘I cannot imagine the IAF, which intends to obtain the highest quality aircraft available in the market, opting for the rather obsolete F-16 over the state-of-the-art Gripen.’

    The deal will involve IAF purchasing updated but otherwise obsolete design fighter which are at the fag end of their usefull life cycle in the country of origin for a sum of 6-9 billion dolars. (which means obsolete f-16 and f-18).
    so india is thrwoing away 7 billion dollars to please this treacherous prime monister’s masters– the americans.

    Feb 21 (PTI) The French Air Force team participating in Garuda III, a joint exercise here with their Indian counterparts, is impressed with the performance of the Sukhoi-30MKI comabt jet, particularly its vector controls.

    “I saw the Su-30 twice, once in a photograph and the next time at an airshow. I am looking forward to sitting in its cockpit soon,” Air Marshal Patrick de Roussiers, chief of the French Air Force’s Air Defence and Air Operations Command, told a press confernece here.

    Garuda III began on February 12 and will continue till February 23.

    While the Indian Air Force has fielded its Su-30MKIs, Mirage 2000s and MiG-27s, the French are participating with Mirage-2000-5, an improved version of the jets flown by India, and Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft.

    Some members of the French team said they were most impressed by the vector controls of the Su-30, which enables it to suddenly reduce speed in mid-air when chased, thereby catching the enemy unawares.


    russia has agreed to use one billion dollar worth of russian money in rupees to be invested in india-that means the mig 29 were given to india not only in then worthless rupees but aslo that ruppee wanever left india-therefore it was free to tindia.
    then you have traiotrs rather pimps like times of inia real toilet paper which is pidecrying russian advenced planes like mig 35 and sukhoi 33 in favour of old decrepit f16 which are due for scrap yard-as they are 40ys old.
    itis the same toilet ppaer of india hwich is resopinsible thafor india not renewing her old plane-like mig21 which shoudl have been replaced 20 yrs ago and
    how low and tr4eracherous can this toilet paper go.these toielt paper jourlaists must be mercillely killed forthwith.


    Much of India’s ability to cut technology costs arose from the necessity of having to find home-grown solutions when the United States and European countries imposed sanctions after India first detonated a nuclear device in 1974. The ISRO had to reinvent technologies it could no longer buy and, ironically, those technologies are now giving European and US agencies a run for their money.

    S Krishnamurthy, a director at the ISRO headquarters in Bangalore, said the focus on self-reliance and the low cost of highly talented workers give India an edge over other countries.


    Happily, the communication system in India’s armed forces has developed from time to time, thanks to the country’s young scientists and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The induction of the state-of-the-art communication systems in the armed forces, like the AREN-Area grid system, have proved once more that India’s defence scientists and technicians are not lagging behind anyone in the world, given, of course, the required financial backing, which is invariably lacking more due to bureaucratic hassles and bad planning. Notwithstanding the handicaps, the continuous improvements in transistors and integrated circuits have not only led to miniaturisation and module construction, but also to the whole question in the field on electronics and communication techniques.
    Has india ever been a sovereign country ( during the last 16 yrs?).

    “Gutierrez said India also needs to attract more foreign direct investment and expedite reforms especially in the retail sector. Gutierrez adds, “Retail sector is at the top of the list in terms of the recommendation, suggestions and encouragement that we’ll give to the government of India in terms of liberalization reforms.”

    Gutierrez will meet with Commerce Minister Kamal Nath during his two-day visit to India.”–15th feb,2007.


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