Ballsy Kim & his doings

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(Aegis CS firing a missile from a US warship)

Just been told (by a source) that North Korea has hacked into and made vulnerable the “open architecture” of the Aegis combat system (Baseline 7, Phase 1) equipping the three ‘Sejong the Great’-class destroyers of the South Korean Navy. A more advanced Aegis system is on board the 4 Kongo class destroyers of the Japanese Navy. All the Arleigh Burke class frigates and the Ticonderoga-class cruisers of the US Navy are armed with  the most advanced variant of the Aegis CS with  “new multi-mission signal processors, kill assessment systems, radio frequency upgrades”. The problem for the Japanese and US Navies is that with Pyongyang becoming familiar with the basic Aegis CS planform, all the ships with it have now to wonder how the North Koreans will utilize it to do what.

Obviously, the danger is greatest to the interception/interdiction capabilities of the Aegis interweaved with the US THAAD ABM units emplaced near the DMZ in South Korea. This to say that the hit rate is now considerably enhanced of all North Korean missiles — short-range, medium and longrange. According to an Israeli intel estimate the hwasong ICBM, powered by an Ukrainian rocket engine, fired on a flat trajectory can reach almost any targets in CONUS – continental United States.

This, of course, is apparently known to the US President Trump but hasn’t stopped him mouthing off on how he’d destroy all of North Korea if Kim decides on letting off a Hwasong. But Kim is not so foolish. He means to defang the American threats by holding Japan and South Korea hostage. Except, two things — the nuclear destruction of NoKo Trump promises will, radioactivity-wise, take out South Korea as well. And, in such a scenario, with very little left to lose, won’t it incentivize Pyonyang to  shoot repeated salvos of every nuclear-tipped missile it has in its inventory to variously nuclear strike Japanese islands and US island presences — Guam, Midway, Hawaii besides selected CONUS cities?

So, we are back to contemplating that fable of the big bad wolf threatening to blow the houses down of the little piggies. He has blown away the houses of two of them — Saddam Hussein’s in Iraq and Col. Muamar Gaddafi’s in Libya, the second house remain intact with the Ayatollah-led Iran but only until Trump upends the nuclear deal the Obama Admin signed with it, a situation Tehran may be preparing for in order quickly to show its nuclear colours with an explosive test, that will secure it its future, something Saddam and Gaddafi did not do. Only Kim Jong-un learned the right lesson and with China’s help in the main quickly installed itself as a N-weapons state that was not willing to take any guff from the Americans, nor fall for the trap of a negotiated settlement short of a full panoply of nuclear and Hydrogen bombs and weapon state status for itself.

So Trump can huff and puff all he wants but won’t change the extant basic reality — a nuclearized NoKo. And because Trump will not, CANNOT, act against Kim — US extended deterrence only works when the targeted country is only conventionally armed and doesn’t hold CONUS at risk, US’s security umbrella will soon be shredded. Thus,  prepare for Tokyo and Seoul taking their fates into their own hands, rather than trusting in the whimsies of a Trump and his successors in Washington — and acquiring nuclear weapons. As fast as their own inhibitions allow them to.

All this nuclear dominoe stuff was, incidentally, foretold in chapter 1 of my 2008 book — ‘India’s Nuclear Policy’!!

And, more on NoKo cyber capabilities  [which’s reported by Reuters, — Kim and his cohort have hacked into and stolen the designs of the HDW 209 as also the more advanced HDW 214 that the South Korean industrial giant Daewoo is manufacturing under license from the German major, ThyssenKrupp. My, my, this means Pyongyang has SoKo by its military balls — nuclear-wise, above water, and underwater. And, given the ease with which NoKo is now hacking SoKo defence-industrial networks, almost anything the US and the West will sell them by way of military hardware and advanced capability, is immediately rendered — what’s the word — infructuous?

About Bharat Karnad

Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, he was Member of the (1st) National Security Advisory Board and the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, and author, among other books of, 'Nuclear Weapons and Indian Security: The Realist Foundations of Strategy', 'India's Nuclear Policy' and most recently, 'Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)'. Educated at the University of California (undergrad and grad), he was Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC.
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  1. How about India selling Missile tech to Japs like the Viets

    • sanman says:

      I think Japan can get better missile tech from the US, and won’t go outside of that arrangement given that it’s under the US security umbrella. But I think there’s room for India and Japan to collaborate on space technology, to at least put China behind. India should sell more missile tech to Vietnam. Since Japan is mainly an economic power, they should open up their economy to more trade with Vietnam, so that they can afford to build their military larger.

    • Kya says:

      Hindu Indians are really delusional.
      Having been not part of ruling elites for last 800 years except for a brief unterlude and serving as vassal of foreign invaders ,the Indians have no concept of how power works and rules. That is sad more coming fron a coutry which gave us the book ” Panchtantra ” written espcially for the moron stupid princes of which India has had in abundance. Even following one tenth of panchtanta -and nothing else in politics and econonics -would have raised India to a world power but alas! As Indians today need foreigner’s approval for everything then let me state that only 6 months ago that evil henry kissinger reccommended usa to follow percepts of “panch tantra ” because that was what the british had followed in their evil british empire.
      So what was that policy ?
      To create doubt amonagt others and let them die to destruction.
      Angliomericans never involve themseles in direct war ; they use plots and conspiracy to create a rift and then use two nations stupid enough to fight as their patsies.
      This is how that evil rhodes of zimmwabe plotted world war one agaibst germany to be destroyed fighting russians
      Second world war was plotted by british to destroy resurgent germany fughting soviets.
      Cold war was plotted by england to occupy germany permanently and keep russia down.
      Iraq and Syrian war was plotted and run by england to destroy middle east.
      In all these usa has acted as patsies working as slave for englands’ agenda.
      So the pattern of anglosaxon cabal is this _ they will pick up propaganda fight first with the most powerful country that they do not like _ then they will side with the second most powerful country.
      Having raised the tempo of lies they will make sure that both the first and second most powerful countries fight each otheter out .
      That is why they will side with second grade India against powerful china at the same time they will side wuth china agaibst still powerful russia as they did in 80s.
      Here you see the pattern of how americans and anglos are using india against china and stupid indians have fallen for this.
      When we kicked out the anglisaxons from india we did not remmove their pernicioy system of mental slavery from here _ that is why we are happy fighting with another asian neighbour for sake of pleasing and at instigation of outside annglosaxon 5 evil eyes.

      • sanman says:

        Please disclose your background, sir – are you Indian? If so, then from which part of India? From which community are you? You don’t talk like an Indian, and you don’t sound loyal to India. Are you aware that China is behaving aggressively on our border? Are you aware of its growing plans to divert river water away from India? Have you read about the latest 700km tunnel which they plan to drill? What do you plan to do about these things – other than run away and live in China?
        (Since so many bongs are pro-China Leftists, I hope they’re the first to experience drought and famine as a result of China’s water-stealing, so that they can get their comeuppance.)

      • It is true. Indians don’t know exactly what they want in the world. They don’t have a clear cut doctrinated foreign policy. Having ruled by 11 centuries by invaders, Indians have lost the sense of what power feels like. The second part of the answer I have genuine doubts. If possible can you send me details so I can contact you to discuss over this ?

  2. Aban says:

    Sir, 3 Questions- 1. what is the future of American involvment in Asia and in the absence of US when will S.Korea and Japan 2. future of China- N.korea relations. 3. how should India’s respond to an aggressive N.korea breathing down Japan’s neck.

  3. Adam says:

    You underestimate the will or shall I say craziness of Trump. He can annihilate noko so that nothing living there moves ever so forget about noko retailating. Yes there would be radioactive stuff in soko and japan and china but CONUS would be safe and china would be punched in its balls. Trump as builder had navigated ruthless new york mafia , and he is not one two back down.56 inches mitron

    • sanman says:

      It’s not a question of Trump being crazy – any US president has the responsibility to keep his country safe from a dangerous rogue power – Trump is merely more vocal about this stance compared to his predecessors. Indeed, North Korea might not be such a problem today, if the predecessors had discharged their duties more faithfully, instead of just kicking the can down the road. India’s govts likewise had a responsibility to prevent Pakistan from acquiring nuclear weapons used as knives to hold against India’s throat. Our leaders completely failed in their responsibility, and consequently we were overrun by Pak-backed insurgencies & terrorism. Our leaders shirked their duties, and instead chose to hide behind cordons of bodyguards, protecting themselves while ditching the public.

  4. sanman says:

    Sir, where will all of this leave us? While you laud NK’s defiance, hacking and counter-attacking, I would remind you that NK has proliferated missile technology to Pak, and may likely do more of that down the road, which will further endanger us. Are you sure you’re cheering the right cricket team, sir?
    From my viewpoint, NK and Pak are both China’s twin fists, used by it to counter Japan and India – and it’s quite obvious that one hand washes the other. If NK tests an H-bomb or full ICBM in the future, it’s entirely likely that these could end up in Pak hands. What will you say then? You already refer to Pak as a mere nuisance gnat, when the gnat has the power to destroy our population multiple times over. You only recognize China as a dire threat, as if China’s ability to destroy our population a few more times would make all the difference to those already dead.
    NK can certainly destabilize America’s security architecture, but they’ll also certainly put us under direct threat, by way of the incestuous cross-pollination that occurs within China’s family of rogues. So it’s not as if we’re detached observers unaffected by what happens.
    Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Pyongyang regime will indeed by destroyed and put out of business by Trump & Co, before little rocket-man Kim spreads more woe to us.

    • Kya says:

      First sort out this disgusting kill ratio of two indian sokduers verses one paki terrorusts in kashmir for last 10 years and tgen after rearming our camel sirforce of less than 40 squdrans you cone and talk about japanese collaboration to become another concubine state for usa.

      Big mouth.

      Everyday one to four Indian soldiers are being killed by the terrorusts on Kashmir front and we Indians have delusion to take on China just because Mericabs are prodding us to provoke china ?
      What is that stupid defence minister doing ? He could not even manage finabce mi istry -what with debacle of demonwtisation , .that arun jetley could not even win his own seat in modi wave and ge is given two most inportant portfolios ? Is this what democracy is ? Installing in finance ministry such creatures like arun jetley and traitor american agent mm singh who were througly rejected by the people of india in election?
      Such people do not deserve even junior minister post.
      Now modi has given to jetley overseeing Gujarat election where the modi home state is sure to give majority to BJP anyway.
      That responsiblity has been given to unelectable jetley.
      Is that not a blatant favourotsm to enhance that weak man’s status .
      Jetley is simply a pimp dealing in behind the door transactions and intrigue.
      He is not what is called a real politician he is a dalal.

      • sanman says:

        You should call yourself Jaichand. You are trying to deflect from legitimate complaints about North Korean treachery against India, by attacking our own PM and govt. So first and foremost you’re saying something about yourself – you’re saying that you wish to be a slave and lackey of foreign predators like North Korea, at the cost of betraying your own country India. Please tell me your ideological and party affiliation. Are you a commie? Because commies are the ones who lick the footsoles of China, North Korea, and even Pakistan when you think you can get away with it.

        I want to know what Indian fanboys of North Korea like yourself and Mr Karnad think of North Korean missile proliferation to Pakistan. Don’t try to play rubbish games and tactics of blaming India for not responding more harshly against Pakistan, when your friend North Korea has helped give Pakistan a nuclear missile deterrent against India.

        First answer for your own treachery, Jaichand.

    • Aban says:

      China ,more than USA, would probably like to see N.korean regime change . After all Beijing is not far away from nuclear armed NKorea. But toppling NKorean regime will not be easy. The madman in Pyongyong will rather destroy his country and his people but he will not surrender power.

    • @sanman — you have missed out the crucial thing I have tried to stress in all my books and writings — it is China at the centre of the proliferation ring, NOT NoKo or Pakistan. Deal with China.

      • sanman says:

        Mr Karnad, I fully understand that China is the central pillar of the gang of rogues. Pakistan and North Korea could never have achieved what they have, without China doing all the heavy lifting for them. But sir, we have no real levers against China. Just as an example, when we emphatically rejected China’s OBOR/CPEC initiative over infringement on our sovereign territorial claims, China immediately replied that it would try to change the name to something more neutral – upon which Pakistan immediately protested hotly, and China had to quickly back down. China’s puppets seem to have more leverage with it than do the rest of us who are in the cross-hairs.
        I even believe that the latest ouster of Nawaz Sharif was orchestrated by the Pak Army, specifically because of the military’s fear of being outflanked by a growing business nexus between Nawaz and Beijing, which could have given Nawaz an upper hand in dealing with the army. China’s generous indulgence of its puppet-clients results from a combination of both the passionate irredentist beliefs held by those puppet-clients, as well as the glaring lack of leverage of the opposing target states (eg. India or USA/Japan)
        Perhaps a smarter track for us would be to accentuate the divergence between Pak’s military interests and China’s economic interests. China demands a good return on its financing of Pak, and meanwhile Pak’s military aren’t the most responsible in managing money, let alone repaying it.

    • Kya says:

      Sanmon wrote – Quotstion ” so, then from which part of India? From which community are you? You don’t ”
      I am not from the community of indians thst you belong you_ that is certain .
      Yes am an Indian and a very proud Indian and well read on history and pokitics of not onky Jndua but of the major regions of the world. More than that zi have my brain to think with.
      700 kilometers tunnel – that tellsus your intelligence.
      China attacked india only in 650 Ad after harshvardhan was no more abd chinese embassy on way to thaneshwar wss looted so china attacked and came upto patna beofre retreating.
      As for usa it has always attacked india politically especislky in 80s abd 70s. Only when india under mmsingh traitor got enslaved fid usa start showing sone less obvious enemity towards india.

      Your type of indian may want to be concubine of usa interest but not me.

      • sanman says:

        It’s not a matter of being concubine of USA – it’s a question of taking opportunities to apply pressure on China in defense of our interests. China’s political setup makes it an inherent threat to India – the Chinese leaders are riding the tiger, knowing only a world where they must kill or be killed – they cannot think in terms of coexistence, but only domination.
        We Indians like to say that “Strength Respects Strength” – but China’s praetorian leadership only respects strength of an opponent to the point of seeking alternate ways to defeat them.
        I sense that you’re not really an Indian at all – you’re just a mouthpiece for foreign interests.

  5. Kya says:

    Good for North korea.

    The enemy of North Korea is USAand anglosaxon empire of deceit , not Japan or South Korea. Japan and South Korea are occupied by American soldiers. The Americans hold them hostage and use the Japanese and the South Koreans as human shields. Japan and South Korea declare themselves enemies of North Korea because this is what the hostage-taker (USA) wants the hostages (Japan and South Korea) to state publicly.

    Can North Korea set a standard in which the occupied countries such as Japan to name one get a chance to self determine

  6. Kya says:

    If war criminal M. Thather witch of UK could say that puny borrowed nuke from America called Polaris would reduce Russia to to ashes and make russia think twice about attack and when the whole populace rehoice at her saying that she would attack Russia with nukes _then what double standard is here if a tiny country relies on the only deterrancce that bullying power would understand ?

    If war criminal Margaret that her of UK could justify borrowing the then Polaris and trident missile from us because even “small nuke acts as bigger deyerrN e according to that evil woman then why is North Korea not justified in having own nuke rather than the stolen one of UK?
    Again when that puny threatens to.bpmb much greater power Russia then the whole media and populace cheered her up.
    What is good for UK ‘s borrowed nuke is good enoughmore for n9rth Korean nukes.
    If China opposes North Korea then

    Then China will have deserved what is coming her way from the west.
    Same for Russia.
    Betraying allies to please arch enemies is loser way practised by Russia and china



    you should try to place in the shoes of North Koreans that are constantly threatened by a country that has shown such an unfair and aggressive behavior as to invent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq just to restore the US$ as unique oil settlements, as to demonize Gaddafi just because he was leading Africa to its political and economic independence, to sow hatred in Ukraine for the sake of attacking Russia, as to wage a Proxy Army of Fundamentalist Islamists just to overthrow the legitimate Government of Syria, as to support any brutal and bloody dictator if he is subservient enough, as to stage Terrorism in allied countries such as Gladio Operation in Europe for the sake of blaming it on socialist people, and so on.
    With such background, it turns out to be pretty insane not to develop enough deterrence in order to prevent Pindostan from invading North Korea.


  7. Kya says:

    11th september 2017.

    Russia has betrayed her ally again as was intended by the enenies of russia to show to the world that in any war russia is an unreliable partner and thus must be left alone to fight her war.
    Russia is realy isolated because of her folly and her too clever by half tactics to sacrifice her allies to please her enemies.
    Not for nothing has russia been attacked so many times from the west

    11th september 2017..

    Nothing new here.
    As usual putin and lavrov are betraying theur potential ally in order to please russia’s real enemies.
    Such despicable behaviour of Russia will leave Russia without ally and will increase the number of mercenary nations which will be used as cannon fodder by the anglosaxon 5 spying eyes.
    Why does russia not start dusmantling its nukes and missiles ? Or usa or uk ? 
    NPT stipulated that 3rd worlders will abandon nukes provided the nuke nations start dismantling -and not uograding -their nukes.
    But russia knows that once russia abandons nukes then anglosaxons will use their mercenaries to dismantle russia.Btw russia and germany have the same enemies -the anglosaxons .
    Russua as usual can be stupid and suicidal ;that does not mean North korea has to be as well.

    North Koreans have every right to defend themselves against another US agression. Just remember, they lost 1/4 of their population, men, women and children, between 1950-53… Never again ! Nuclear deterrence is the only language American imperialists understand, this is a lesson all the other “global south” nations must learn if they want to survive.

    the InterNational Community is outraged that NK defends itself its people its territory and its very existence. However the Inter-National Community is not outraged that NK is being bullied sanctioned and threatened with complete destruction every day by some of the most promintent Inter-National community “members”. What a fake hypocritical double standard community.

    North Korea must not give up its missile programme or nukes because her primary duty is to protect her country from foreign parasites.
    Russia and China will be next target of same parasites who are threatening North Korea now.
    Giving up defence for a token money is never a good idea.
    Look USA is bankrupt legally but nobody dates asks for their money because us has not decreased her defence spending.
    Money flows from the barrel of power.


    The one thing people forget is that North Korea ,is condition to fight Nuke wars,as it has undeground Bunkers and reportedly ALL its Ciitizens are soldiers,as well. 
    The USA does not leave,once its sets foot,on a Nation..Germany,Japan and South Korea have demanded many times, that the US troops leave their nations,but to no avail.USA wants wars always as its economy is now dependent on them MORE and the rest of the World Fund its wars,the $ being the Reserve Currency,whihc the US federal reserve goes on printing!.USA’s war rhetoric,is similar to the one it uses elsewhere,like against Saddam Hussein and “the threat posed by him to”, “his Intimidation of”, USA etc.,while it is the USA ,which intimidates the rest of the World.
    North Korea has many options.The real reason the USA is in South Korea,is to deny the Chinese the vast swathe of Sea.The USA should allow the North and South to unite,as Korea is the nation,of the North Koreans,as well,and the USA has occupied South Korea.


    China and russia must join forces to defend N korea. It is, guards the way into the Baltic, the Arctic Sea.  The west is trying to block access into the Arctic, the oil riches that belong to Russia.  What’s wrong with Russia, wait until the enemy has major advantage before you decide to fight. Remember the siege of Leningrad 872 days from 8 September 1941 and a million starved to death. What’s wrong with Russia, now is the time to fight. 


    China and russiA will pay a very heavy price for their betrayal of allies like North Korea.
    Their son of betrayal against Iran Iraq syria has been accumulating 
    Now North Korea betrayal would be the final straw that breaks the camel back for China and russiA.. both are working for angloamerica n interests just to avert Anglos’ attack for a few months.


    What the he’ll are China and Russia doing ?
    America can test her nukes icbm against spirit of NPT but North Korea can not develop anything remotely capable of deterrancce against threatening nations ?.
    Today North Korea, tomorrow Syria and Iran, day after Russia and fourth day will be for China.after that will be India the most stupid of them all.
    That is how nations are made 3rd world and never allowed to grow up.
    Look at stupid India being excited about America bullying China!
    An Asian country being jealous of another Asian country and siding with an outsider anglosaxon oppressor who had enslaved both these countries for two centuries.( much less for China).

    In 1971 Bangladesh war usa/UK were pressurising China to attack India to open 2nd front to which China refused !


    —————-‘- xzzzzzz******

    Very well said. North and South Korea should unite against the USA which caused the country to be split into two. USA should mind its own business and stop warmongering. Kim Jong Un is right to have a nuclear deterrent to protect itself from USA aggression. Mr John Pilgers “FREEDOM NEXT TIME” exposes USA and UK skulduggery. I e Diego Garcia which rightfully belongs to the Chagos Islanders was stolen off them so USA could build its Military base in the Indian Ocean.



    Quote ” Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, to The Guardian.”
    Sputnik quotes the british sh_i-t guardian ? 
    Ask that spy organisation brutish sc@_p the gurdian as to why britain is having nukes which is not even theirs but a gift from the americans as member of 5 evil eyes ? 
    Polaris and trident are not btitish but anglisaxon prolifwration of american nukes.given to british as a gift.
    Should that little island be forced to denuclearise first?

    How many of these countries bombed by the US and sometimes others have been nuclear armed? Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
    Guatemala 1954
    Indonesia 1958
    Cuba 1959-1961
    Guatemala 1960
    Congo 1964
    Laos 1964-73
    Vietnam 1961-73
    Cambodia 1969-70
    Guatemala 1967-69
    Grenada 1983
    Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
    Libya 1986
    El Salvador 1980s
    Nicaragua 1980s
    Iran 1987
    Panama 1989
    Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
    Kuwait 1991
    Somalia 1993
    Bosnia 1994, 1995
    Sudan 1998


    well the WHO lists the ROK’s life expectancy is 82.3 and they are ranked at #11 just above Canada at 82.2. The USA with all the wonderful healthcare is ranked at #31 with 79.3 just above Cuba at #32 with 79.1. They list the DPRK at #109 at 70.6 years. Which begs the question why a third world sanctioned dictatorship’s life expectancy is only 9 years

  8. Kya says:

    North korea shows how manly leadership guarantees the freedom and liberty to the Nations who resist pressure to be a vassal and who make sure that they are strong enough to with stand that pressure.
    With so much arrogant bullying by the anglosaxons 5 evil eyes ,North korea has to safeguard her interests.
    UNO has failed to guarantee the rights of nations so if might is right then other nations have right to have that might as well .
    For that the leadership needs to have guts.
    Guts which was singularly lacking in case of India when that weakling atal bihari vajpayee put moratorium on further test within 4 days of nucklear tests , one was which was even a failure. All so that usa does not get annoyed !
    Then that foolishness was surpassed by that unelected and unelectable ( even in municipal election) mm singh the traitor prime minister who destryoed any chance of India to have believable deterrance or nukes.
    India does not have hydrogen bomb and will not have any – while even pakistan has one.
    Surpirse is that indians have never risen en mass to even catch that traitor mmsingh and tear him live into pieces for his treachery against India.

    • sanman says:

      What do NK fans like you have to say about NK proliferation of nuclear missile technology to Pakistan? As an Indian, I cannot forgive NK for this act of treachery. In return for this act causing grievous harm to India, I feel that there should have been strong clandestine retaliation against NK by India. We should have clandestinely attacked their international shipping, or found other ways to hit them where it hurts. Instead, we just sit there like big dumb victims, not knowing how to respond, and looking like fools who can’t be taken seriously by the North Koreans, or by the Pakistanis, or by the Chinese.

      • Aban says:

        What stops India from arming Japan with nukes ? And in the near future China will be NKorea’s nemesis ,afterall they have created a frankenstein’s monster in their neighbourhood . More than LA it is Beijing which has to fear NKorean nukes.

      • sanman says:

        Japan is a more advanced power than us, technologically. If they decide to go nuclear, they can do it in mere months, without any help from India or anyone else.
        We can hope in vain that China’s pet North Korea will turn on it, in the same way that Pakistan’s pet Taliban turned on it – but that would only be in a situation where China is forced by the US to crack down hard on pet North Korea, just as US forced Pakistan to crack down hard on Taliban
        Just as Pak begged US for Kunduz airlift, and avoided touching Haqqanis and others, likewise China will tell US its hands are tied, and dilly-dally, etc.
        Unlike smaller Pak, China is itself too big for US to push into taking action against its pet North Korea – instead, they’ll continue to use it like a Pit Bull to attack and harass their opponents in the region – all they have to do first is help North Korea build up enough nuclear arsenal to be fully deter US from attacking. Once US is fully deterred from attacking, China can sit back and let North Korea harass everyone while China professes innocence and bewilderment.
        If US is put on the back foot by China and its North Korean pet, then we Indians should take the opportunity to broker more detente between US & Russia, in order to shift the balance of power against China.
        We’re currently leaning towards this new Quadrilateral between US-Japan-India-Australia, but I’m concerned that India won’t get too much from it – just like Turkey was always kept at arm’s length in spite of being a key anchor state for NATO.
        Our main problem is that we can’t find any strong alternative partners to engage with. Those among us who turn up their noses at current alliance prospects do so less out of comparative analysis, and more out of a vain belief that India is always better off alone. I, for one, don’t like the idea of “India Alone”, and would prefer that we seek partnerships to deal with threats, especially when the threats are larger powers like China.

      • Aban says:

        India’ main threat is China. And India has to learn to deal with it alone. And except China-pak and india-japan there can be no other permanent alliances or partnerships. Japan is India’s only reliable partner because of common Chinese threat. Beyond that no one is reliable. Every country will protect its interests which might differ from India’s concerns and interests. What if Trump and China crack a deal and Russia gets along well with China and Pak. Where does that leave India? Na ghar ka , na ghat ka!! And yes, US or Russia has no reason to defend India from China.

      • sanman says:

        As a rule, I think wars are best won through alliances, as opposed to going it alone. I think Russia could also be a potential partner to India and not just Japan, since Russia also faces a long-term threat from the Chinese. It’s only the implacable hostility from the West that pushes Russia towards China as a last resort. India seems unable to play an intermediary role in mending relations between Washington and Moscow, like what Pakistan did during Kissinger’s infamous secret visit to Beijing. Apparently our grand sense of superiority over the “gnat” Pakistan means that we must demonstrate our confidently superior position through complacency and inaction. At some point, the confrontation between the US-led alliance and North Korea will come to a head. US side will only back down if North Korea possesses such an overwhelming nuclear advantage that others dare not attack. Otherwise, failing this, the US and its allies will obliterate North Korea if necessary, with everyone else being left to pick up the pieces, including China. If Trump achieves victory over North Korea, then he may even cast an eye towards Iran. If the US backs down, then there will be a vacuum that may have to be filled by Japan becoming a nuclear power.
        Japan was also a famously insular country without external allies, until it fought hard in WW2 and basically earned its subsequent alliance with America, by proving itself a serious enough threat that it had to be taken into partnership to neutralize its threat. Countries which are seen as wishy-washy like India don’t get that.

      • Aban says:

        India cannot depend on US because it wont ‘protect’ India against China . Never. Indo-US relation are heavily tilted towards US and its economic interests. It wants India to be a vassal and has never treated India like equal partner. And US will NEVER ditch Pakistan . That leaves us to Russia . Russia and China might clash as both have ambition to control Central Asia esp. Kazhakstan . But Russia is a declining power and might get coopted by China ( OBOR etc.) . Japan has a comparatively week military and Arms industry to defend itself let alone India. The remaining option – Ekla Chalo Re .

      • Aban says:

        India will of course have to increase Indo-Japanese economic ties and increase cooperation on the economic front. But remember Japanese companies have hundreds of billion dollars of investments stuck in China inform of fixed assets and any hostility in near future could lead to Chinese govt. nationalizing Japanese businesses and assets.

      • sanman says:

        I don’t see Japan giving us much these days – they’ve given us a large loan to finance bullet trains which will require their technology and expertise – so they’re lending to us to buy from them. It seems that we’re chasing after them more than they’re chasing after us. Likewise, US isn’t giving us that much either, even while they continue to finance Pak. But we have no other strong alternatives for partnerships. Our own indigenous defense technology is pretty lousy, and rather inferior to what our opponents would field. Our indigenous defense technology would mainly be useful for generating export revenues through sales to other less-developed countries, rather than relying upon it for cutting-edge defense capability on our side.

        I’d prefer a war that destroys North Korea to a new Cold War which has North Korea exporting its nuclear missile tech to Pak. I don’t see what leverage we can apply on China or North Korea to prevent that from happening. Black market proliferators are perfectly happy to do mutually profitable business with each other, rather than waiting for permission from daddy China.

      • sanman says:

        China and Russia wouldn’t clash over Central Asia. Remember that it was only some years ago that both countries announced their partnership through the SCO (Shanghai Cooperative Organization) to jointly control Central Asia with the goal of keeping out US influence. But now China seems to have replaced SCO and its defensive posture, for the new OBOR and its more aggressive strategy of projecting power through Central Asia and beyond it to establish trade dominance all the way to the Middle East and upto Europe. Russia is quite supportive of this new game plan too, as it will disrupt and undermine US economic dominance and hegemony. Little thought is paid to Indian objections over Kashmir.

        If we could get the US to support an independent Balochistan, then this would cut both Pakistan and OBOR down to size. Meanwhile if we just support Chabahar port in Iran on our own, we can still undermine CPEC and any returns it hopes to generate.

      • Aban says:

        Why would USA support separate Balochistan and alienate Pak. And do you think China will ever allow it? Cutting OBOR and CPEC to size is a difficult job. Even in absense of Ghwadar (suppose balochistan separates from pak), who can stop China from coopting Iran and get access to Chabahar and connecting it to central asia. After all OBOR passes through northern Iran. Russia too would support such an arrangement.

      • Kya says:

        In the 2nd half of the ’80s India was daily telling usa that pakis were developing nukes through clandestine cargo shipment from european ports but usa never listened to india. In fact usa helped pakis not only by creating taliban with britssh help but also armed Pakis with f16. You have deflected blame from usa to others but it is not going to wash. This is my last communication with you. I do not have time or patience.

      • sanman says:

        Supporting separate Balochistan would allow US to kill multiple birds with one stone. Iran threat to America would be neutralized with Baloch independence, problem of Pak nexus with Taliban & jihad would also be eliminated. US lack of convenient access to Central Asia (sometimes referred to as “Balkans of Eurasia”) would then become convenient. Convenient access to CentralAsia via Balochistan would then allow USA to gain tremendous leverage against both Russia and China (which is why both of those powers rushed to form SCO after US invaded Afghanistan). I’m not trying to be USA’s agent, but as an Indian I’m obviously interested in ensuring Pak is no longer a threat to us. I don’t support the futile idea of trying continually “managing the Pak threat” thru some endless juggling game – we have to eliminate Pak threat. I don’t like these Jaichands who refer to Pak as a “wayward brother” – this so-called brother is trying to kill us – we have to simply kill them as quickly and as expediently as posssible, so that we can go on with our lives. (I’m not a religious fellow, but Krishna’s advice to Arjun on Karna comes to mind.)
        India will not lose by helping US gain a convenient route into Central Asia via Balochistan. Dissolution of Pak due to Baloch independence would immediately lighten India’s security burden and defense expenditure. Our own influence in CentralAsia would also increase with Pak out of the way.
        With Iran drawing near to achieving nuclear weapons status, there is not much time left, and the window of opportunity for US action is closing. With the headstrong Trump in power, we should see that as favorable toward supporting strong covert action to break up Pakistan. We simply have to make the case to the US that the tremendous rewards make the risk worth taking.

  9. Kya says:

    Revealing is the dusgusting coverage of traitir english media in India where self defence of north korea is being depicted as aggression!
    Media like pimp aaj taak of indua today liar infamy or another one ABp of murdoch evil alliance are alk pushing up american agenda to indian audience.

  10. Kya says:

    Quote ” incentivize Pyonyang to shoot repeated salvos of every nuclear-tipped missile it has in its inventory to variously nuclear strike Japanese islands and US island presences — Guam, Midway, Hawaii besides selected CONUS cities?”
    In that case kim must target to kill as ma y anglosaxlns as lossible in england usa and australia. That evil anglisaxon race is waging war on all non anglos and it cares nothing for others.
    So kim would be right in killing as mauch of anglosaxon pests as possible.

  11. Kya says:

    .people of north korea have free edducation, more beds in hospital per 1000 citizens, free healthcare .

    well the WHO lists the ROK’s life expectancy is 82.3 and they are ranked at #11 just above Canada at 82.2. The USA with all the wonderful healthcare is ranked at #31 with 79.3 just above Cuba at #32 with 79.1. They list the DPRK at #109 at 70.6 years. Which begs the question why a third world sanctioned dictatorship’s life expectancy is only 9 years

  12. Kya says:

    This is the advice that Americans and British parasites will give to India because for them China be better countered by another parsu _India this time indians are supposed to forget that it is the same anglosaxon media and govt. Which used to harass Indian 80s to make peace with China to counter Russia.
    India is supposed to sacrifice her interest for sake of her real enemies the anglosaxon parasites.


    In the whole decade of 80s when usa was using China against russia it was usa and her stooge inside India who were forcing Indian govt. Of rajiv gandhi To be very friendly to China and be distant to Russia; So much so that they forced rajiv Gandhi to accept Tibet as part of China in autumn 1988.
    So much for American propaganda now to make enmity between India and China because they want India to be American pasty and fritter away the military and economic power of both Asian countries that anglosaxon hegemony remains as parasite on the world.

    China should not get trapped by the Anglo American plot. The enemies of China know that China give undue imporimportance to symbol -so so called one China policy is weakest link in China. Because that unnerved China that Taiwan be recognised by other states when reality is that Taiwan is still not a physical part of China so China would be foolish to get agitated by western bait to enrage China by threatening to recognise Taiwan.that state is already a separate state as a fact now.
    West can not make it more separate .China would be foolish to get agitated about Taiwan. China must rearm herself heavily and when time comes must attack the west along with Russia and iran to sort out those intruders into Asia.

    ________””‘””‘”‘””‘”‘”‘””””‘”‘”‘””‘”””” c
    America realised that if Russia China and India get together then they can counter anglosaxon bullying of 5 evil eyes.
    So American agents inside India from the time of traitor mm singh were induced to lie about China and made many constant derogatory writings about China to Viviane the atmosphere.they have succeeded.
    Indians out of jealousy want to destroy China and want to live happily ever after I see Anglo American slavery.they like not Asian friend but a white man as tyrant

    China should be wars of treacherous Russia who will jump into usa bed even if it means betraying her allies like iran and Syria China.
    China should be wars of India too which really has become an American vassal ( one amongst 100) and has been invited by Anglo American to open another front against China.
    My country India is in grip of traitors ever since that ugly sardar mm singh was installed as PM despite him not winning a single seat _not even for himself.
    Such is the democracy in India where a man could be pm for ten years despite having been rejected by the electorate in the general election. ! This fraudulent democracy was sustained by the corrupt connivance of English league media in India.
    So beware of this name “democracy” it is a pimpocracy for the oligarchy everywhere.


    Quote -”

    China had the world’s greatest navy, with an estimated 317 ships – constructed at Nanjing. These ships were made with special woods and waterproofing techniques, and they had an adjustable centerboard keel. Some of the ships were 440 feet long and 180 feet wide, ships with four to nine masts that were as high as ninety feet, with silk sails and with crews that numbered as many as five hundred.

    But in China interest in a great navy and merchant shipping was overshadowed by concern about military defenses on land. Attempts to control Annam failed and were expensive. In the mid-1400s the Mongols were making border raids and appeared to the Chinese as a greater threat. Also, Confucian influence had increased at court. Confucian scholars were filling the ranks of senior officialdom and remained hostile to commerce and foreign contacts. The Confucianists had little or no interest in seeing China develop into a great maritime trading power. The Confucianists saw internal trade as enough. The government ended its sponsorship of naval expeditions, and, in the spirit of isolationism, the government forbade multi-masted ships sailing out of port.”

    “Brahmins were much like the Confucians in their opposition to trade, the Brahmins making involvement in foreign trade, as well as farming and overseas travel, forbidden to their class. Generally, religious contemplation was esteemed while people with power had little interest in improving conditions for the merchant or in improving technology.”

  13. Kya says:

    India under American stooge elites can not be relied upon by Russia now.
    Russia must not give s400 or 5th gen planes to India.
    Each time Indian pm visits usa he bribes us with multi billion dollar worth of orders for American kinks.
    Now Indian elites are pi_m_ing for old obsolete f16!
    Let Indians fight with 70s technology.


    It is nothing of the sort .writer is one typical Indian suffering from delusion of grandeur.
    Modi has completely failed in foreign and military policy.
    Modi resorts to bribing Americans with worthless old military bunks a week before he goes to America.

    In Foreign and Defence policies Modi has been a complete failure just like previous pm.


    Modi as an uncle Tom.

    One of the most remarkable difference between leader of 3rd world countries and that of so called first world is this _ when the first world leader gets a good majority then she or he used that mandate of people to dominate other nations in talk and negotiation in foreign matters.
    In fact most of the foreign ministers of 1st world are dire narrow minded nationalist who basically detest foreigners as shown in their behaviour. So they use the mandate as a source of power to open the foreign market for their nationalist agenda.
    Now when the leader of a 3rd world gets a majority or even a high margin win then she or he used that to appoint such foreign and finaive minster who is internationalist and on fact has no electorate base because he has not bothered to know or read about his own country.
    He is basically pro_foreigner.
    He would talk harshly to his own countryman but would genu flex before foreigners dignitaries _naturally he is already sold on the idea of using that people’s mandate not to press advantage in negotiation but to pressurise his own constituency and countrymen to accept foreigners’ demand to open his market to foreigners without reciprocal advantage.

    Modi Ji has a stern demeanour inside India he hardly laughs or smiles before Indians.
    But whenever he faces whites specially of English speaking variety then look at his body language _he is grinning with all teeth showing all the time.
    That is the body language of a servant.
    Either as a servant does before a mafter or like an idiot or an uncle Tom.
    Before he leaves India he makes sure that he has thrown tax payers’ money to the tune of one or two billion dollars worth of order junk military hardware from USA or its satellite state Israel.
    In other words he bribes Anglo Americans to buy friendship.
    In last 3 years the Indian air force has been starved to the extent that it is really a Camel air force now but there is no urgency for Modi . He may be even do the unthinkable _ ordering obsolete 60s’ design f16 just to please the Americans !


  14. Kya says:

    India is like a weakling small boy who recently discovered a big bully in the school yard and to enchant that bully , that small boy has started feeding the bully a grand lunch every day .
    It is now association with that bully which makes Indians feel strong under shadow of big bully.
    So Delusional Indians think that they are strong.
    India has bad relationship with al.ost all her neighbours for decades.

  15. Kya says:

    About GST

    Mid night celebration of Bania race ?
    Only a bania race can ask the whole country to celebrate a such mundane thing as combination of sales,excise,vat and service taxes into one Gst , in the central hall of parliament – that too under the auspices of a finance minister jetley who looks like and acts like ( becasue he is a pimp ) working for the big banias apart from the fact that that degraded thief has not even won a seat in safe constifuency in modi wave.

    Mid night celebration is a very sombre occasion and was done only on independence day and silver and golden jubilee of the independence days.
    This has vulgarised the meaning of mid night session.
    But then what do you expect from vulgar corrupt business class ? Is it any wonder that in our Hindu scriptures the vaisha which held high position initially were demoted to shudra types when they started doing baniagiri.
    In veda the dog of Lord Indra the Surma goes to tell the bania pani to mind and control her greed. The vedas rightly said that such banai types if given power will vulgaruse and ruin the welfare of whole nation.
    We see this being played out now in the central hall of parliament today.


  16. andy says:

    Hope you are satisfied by the kind of Riff -Raff visiting the blog.the kind of drivel being posted is incredibly horrific.Since there was a problem with ‘disruptive elements ‘ hopefully some problems that exist only in the mind are sorted out ASAP.If this is the coveted crowd then God help the blog.

    As an aside ,Im missing even my friend special characters,at least he knew what he was arguing about, though we never agreed on anything.But this crowd is something else.All the best Bharat,it was good while it lasted.

    • sanman says:

      Sir, if your reference to “Riff-Raff” is referring to me, I’ll tell you that while I do generally read the blog without commenting, I did decide to start commenting recently, because the North Korea crisis represents an inflection moment and a possible opportunity for India. If you are referring to this other person Kya as the “Riff-Raff” then I do wholeheartedly agree — much heat and no light.

      • andy says:

        Arre no yaar,in fact you seem to be making sense Sanman,Im referring to other elements who just shoot n scoot,they never engage,as you might have realised,only because its a load of bullshit they are putting out.So chill bro its not you I was referring to.

      • sanman says:

        OK, thanks – fair enough. I also want to mention that India is the party/country that would benefit most from an all-out war between the opposing sides in the North Korea dispute.
        If China side prevails without war, then China will ascend to become the dominant military power on the planet, while US will lose power/stature in the Pacific and elsewhere. North Korea would then become a de facto accepted nuclear power, and would likely proliferate its current & future technologies to fellow rogues like Pak.
        If US/Japan side prevails without war, then they can go back to business as usual, with India ties once again being put on the back shelf and reduced in stature. US would also likely start turning its gaze on Iran to turn the heat up on them, and that could then result in more pressure for India to back away from Iran, with adverse consequences for Afghanistan.
        But if war breaks out, both sides will extract a heavy toll from each other, and China-US relations will be completely destroyed. India and Russia would be winners, in the sense that they would be courted by the respective warring sides. India will be much more valuable to US, and get more favor from it. Russia would be much more valuable to China. Perhaps heightened US-China animosities would trigger a US move towards detente with Russia, which would mean Russia would no longer be forced to embrace China so tightly. Finally, an outbreak of war would certainly mean the destruction of North Korea’s rogue regime & its nuclear/missile capability, which would then no longer be at risk of proliferating to Pakistan. Sure, China could proliferate to Pakistan directly, but it would no longer have the benefit of the indirect route of North Korean proliferation to Pakistan.

      • Kya says:

        Look at these people who side with the US for various reasons. They forget that USA funded sikh terrorism in 80s and anti india campaigns in the ’70s.

  17. Kya says:

    I will not be surprised by the treachery of Indians to please their new masters who are the same as old masters-the anglomericans!
    Russia would ve stupid to give another nuke sub to india on loan or s400 or T50 to India who is very happy to dish out billions for old american junks like f16.

    • Kya@ — American access by IN to Akula-Chakra was disclosed in my Oct 8 post — “Akula in a chakra-vyuh”.

      • andy says:


        Its not GOI writing finis for the Tejas, its the usual culprit the primadonnas of the IAF who want to shaft it into oblivion.Have a dekko.

      • Kya says:

        Yes sir,
        thanks for pointing that out then in oct.

    • Aban says:

      I hope American cheerleaders have seen this latest news. “US to give $500,000 to any NGO that promotes religious freedom in India” As expected MEA will give a timid response to this outrageous act. And another NRI (US) stormtrooper in Modi Govt, with a shady past, Jayant Sinha has been in news for all wrong reasons.

      • Kya says:

        By religious freedom the yanks mean freedom fir extremist fundamentalist southern baotist church pritestant evangicaks who are most intolerant of all rigions and sects and only worship england and her anglisaxon dogs.
        India must give stern reslobse to it if modi is remotely pro hindu .

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