Will Modi buckle under Trump’s pressure on Iran?

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[Modi & Rouhani in Tehran)

US President Donald Trump did what is by now the new normal, tweeted a pixilated policy — this time regarding the reimposition of sanctions on Iran. He twittered thus:  “The Iran sanctions have officially been cast. These are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in November they ratchet up to yet another level. Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!” An official statement that followed, saying “We urge all nations to take such steps to make clear that the Iranian regime faces a choice: either change its threatening, destabilising behaviour and reintegrate with the global economy, or continue down a path of economic isolation”, further confused and roiled the situation.

What “WORLD PEACE” has to do with pressuring Tehran to agree to rescind and re-negotiate the nuclear deal is anyone’s guess. Except throwing “world peace” into this mix Trump thinks will elevate his pressure tactic into a moral action. And what has the Hassan Rouhani regime done that is so “threatening” and  “destabilizing” other than maintaining the Hezbollah in the field against Israel and in Syria — which last is supported by Moscow? In fact, the liberally inclined Rouhani went out on a limb to strike the N-deal, in the face of virulent opposition from the more belligerently nationalist elements in Iranian society headed by the Pasdaran (the Revolutionary Guard) and including the more conservative sections of the Shia clergy and the “bazaari” (the powerful small trader class) support base. Now he is being asked to eat crow by Trump.

An exasperated Western Europe — its good faith, traditional friendliness, and patience taxed beyond limits by Trump’s talking down NATO and arm-twisting member states into spending 4% of their GDP on defence and security, have given up on the USA. America, they say, can go it alone, particularly because China and Russia, signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, too have joined the West European countries in firmly declaring that they will  not tolerate Trump’s policy waywardness.  European governments have already instructed their private sector corporations and companies to ignore US sanctions, and are  proceeding to provide them legal cover with appropriate legislation.

Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs,  declared in no uncertain terms that “We are doing our best to keep Iran in the deal, to keep Iran benefiting from the economic benefits that the agreement brings to the people of Iran, because we believe this is in the security interests of not only our region but also of the world. If there is one piece of international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation that is delivering, it has to be maintained. We are encouraging small and medium enterprises in particular to increase business with and in Iran as part of something [that] for us is a security priority.” She added that it is a “fundamental aspect of the Iranian right to have an economic advantage in exchange for what they have done so far, which is being compliant with all their nuclear-related commitments”.  This EU position directly clashes with Trump’s view of the Iran deal as “a horrible one-sided deal that should never, ever have been made”. ( https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/07/eu-foreign-policy-chief-calls-on-firms-to-defy-trump-over-iran ) This when Tehran agreed to stop enriching uranium to bomb-grade, switch off its centrifuge cascades, and ship out 95% of its fissile material stock!

Sure, Western Europe is trying to keep two policy balls in play. Around the same time that Trump twittered, European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker,  visited Washington and, to get around recent disagreements, decided with Trump to increase tariff-free trade. Except with the EU firming up on the Mogherini line, it is Trump — mark my words — who will blink first. So, who exactly is going to fall behind Trump? Which countries will back him?

Plainly, the Trump Administration expects that by the time the heavier tranche of sanctions comes on stream by November and dollar transactions for Iranian oil begin  attracting sanctions, governments that have shown jelly-like stomach for  a fight, will succumb. Xi Jinping’s China and Erdogan’s Turkey — amongst the largest buyers, have indicated they are prepared to carry on buying Iranian oil regardless. Modi’s India, however, has not revealed its cards yet. It has set up banking channels to avoid payment tangles, etc. But with 2×2 Talks coming up, and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and defence secretary James Mattis flying into Delhi September 5, consultations in PMO and MEA are veering to an indecision on Iran.

As revealed in the last several years, Modi is an instinctive accommodationist where America is concerned. But the political costs of being seen as buckling under US pressure and to come out as more loyal to Trump than the EU, are too high — with general elections in sight — for Modi to risk going over fully to the US side. Besides, if the American advice is followed and ties with Tehran thinned out, there are valid fears that India’s strategic stake in Chabahar will be endangered. But that will be the least of India’s troubles. It may be wise to reflect on what Guy Verhofstadt, a former prime minister of Belgium, said about the dilemma Trump has compelled its friends to face. US’s Iran stance “shows yet again”, he said, “why we as Europeans must strengthen our foreign policy to be able to shape relations with the greater Middle East independently from the US.” Then there’s the fact that US sanctions violate, as the Russian Foreign Ministry has pointed out,  UN resolution 2231 [on the Iran deal] and international law.

India then will be arrayed more fully against Russia and China, both of whom have strongly reaffirmed their links to Iran. Further, exploiting the absence of economic and trade competitors — the US and EU (assuming that after all the bellicose noises it subsides to a pussycat and purrs along with Trump as could happen) — from the Iranian market place, Beijing is quickly deploying its trademark devices — large investments, big infrastructure projects, a deluge of consumer goods to drag an Iran, bereft of alternatives, into its fold. That will be a disaster for India.

The Speaker of the Iranian legislature, Ali Larijani, has suggested using the certain economic isolation of his country, consequent to the sanctions. Tehran, he said, should focus “on the domestic economy, reform its structure and facilitate investment, and …increase Iran’s resilience [all of which] offers a good prospect for the country.” It is precisely the opening that Delhi should have used to prise open the Iranian market and economy still wider for the Indian private and public sector companies to rush in with manifold increases in trade and commerce. China has espied the chance and is racing to capitalize on it.

It is India’s greatest misfortune  that there has been no Indian government in the new Century (or, in the old one for that matter) with like expansive national strategic vision to be able to see  such opportunities and grasp them, or the  iron will to stand its ground and stare down big power bullies, and to do what’s in the country’s national interest.

It is manifestly in India’s interest to be close friends of Iran and Russia, to follow tit-for-tat policies with China, to be less gullible and more wary of the US, and to be guided by its track record, rather than by the smarmy talk emanating from Washington and Trump of the ‘Indo-Pacific’, etc. The reality is India’s and US’ interests converge but only and exclusively as regards China. Iran is not in this cone of convergence. So, sure, by all means cooperate with the US to confuse, contain, and corral China. But this should under no circumstances result in India’s turning into a camp follower or, worse, a lap dog. This last, however, is precisely what seems to be happening with Modi’s government and, sorry to say this, the higher echelons of the Indian military (reflected in such decisions as the Navy’s — slammed by the CAG — to go in for 8 more P-8I MR aircraft equipped with the faulty Harpoon-II anti-ship missiles. See  https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/cag-raises-stink-over-2009-p8i-naval-aircraft-deal-says-upa-bought-costly-plane/articleshow/65306934.cms . This when, as is known in naval circles, the hypersonic Russian Kaliber missiles were available for the asking.)

Well, how Delhi proceeds on Iran in the face of American dictation, will be a good measure to judge the country’s independence. No bad metric to keep in mind with the 71st Independence Day round the corner.


About Bharat Karnad

Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, he was Member of the (1st) National Security Advisory Board and the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, and author, among other books of, 'Nuclear Weapons and Indian Security: The Realist Foundations of Strategy', 'India's Nuclear Policy' and most recently, 'Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)'. Educated at the University of California (undergrad and grad), he was Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC.
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41 Responses to Will Modi buckle under Trump’s pressure on Iran?

  1. AD says:


    If Modi is like every Indian prime-minister before him (at least past 40 years), he will just bend over and let USA have its way. So far, he has not given any indication of being otherwise- notwithstanding his early rhetoric. In my opinion, the mindset displayed by Indian politicians and senior bureaucrats mirrors what you often see in some comments here.

    You must have noticed some commentators post stuff such as: “we are not a big enough economy now”, “we will display more autonomy when our GDP reaches 10 trillion USD by 2030-something” or “what will happen to our IT companies” etc. Here is the problem with that sort of reasoning.. countries that later became big powers never cared about BS like that in their early days.

    China did not “wait” for its economy to become big to develop thermonuclear weapons and ICBMs. Nor did it “wait” to become a major economy to throw its weight around the world. In fact, it became a big power precisely because it willing to take hard decisions that were aligned with its future ambition and goals. The same can be said about USSR after WW2 or even USA after WW1.

    But the congenitally spineless losers who populate most leadership positions in India are willing to fold like a cheap suit in face of even the most basic threat from the rapidly declining west. They will gladly sell the people they allegedly represent into perpetual servitude- just like their ancestors did during the British Raj. All for a little money, fancy titles and hobnobbing with the ‘whites’,

  2. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ says:

    Pls correct this part: “hypersonic Russian Kaliber missiles”
    Kalibr variants go upto high supersonic max.

    • The hypersonic version, as I am given to understand by a senior retired naval officer, is at the post-development stage, and has been offered to India prospectively (once it is ready for induction).

  3. Shankara says:

    I understand that Ajit Kumar Doval, defence policy maker in the Modi govt is advocating the funding of R&D centers of Honeywell, IBM Cisco, etc., to develop weapons. At the same time MEITY has canceled the Gan fablabs Investment plan. Don’t understand how Modi govt is different from Congress, which paid for military R&D in Russia,USA, Israel and Europe with ToT for liscence production. Please write an article on this

  4. avkirankumar says:

    Hope that modi doesnot bow down to US pressure as Iran is very important not just for Chabahar port but eurasian , afghan policy.

    Link of one of Bharat Karnad’s panal program on RSTV where Amb Prabhat P Shukla has explained importance of Iran. (last segment of program) https://youtu.be/OduwYhNJ2uc?t=1084

  5. Kya says:

    Nixon asked China to mobilize its troops on the Indian border — and even contemplated “lobbing nuclear weapons” at the Soviet Union if the Soviets retaliated by going to war with China! But Chinese leaders, still enduring the instability of the Cultural Revolution, were uninterested in another war with India, and considered East Pakistan to be as good as lost.

  6. Kya says:

    Spying as a means to modern colonialism by the english pirates race
    From the Horse’s mouth .

    Quote – ”
    From the horse’s mouth – modern colonialism by the british.
    “This is what modern colonialism looks like,” he wrote. The documents provide a snapshot of the in-depth work the company was able to carry out during elections and beyond, for over a decade( in India ) based on “micro-level” information on households, across 600 districts, and 7 lakh villages.”


  7. Kya says:

    In the whole decade of 80s while usa was using China against russia it was usa and her stooge inside India who were forcing Indian govt. Of Rajiv Gandhi To be very friendly to China and be distant to Russia; So much so that they forced Rajiv Gandhi to accept Tibet as part of China in autumn 1988.
    So much for American propaganda now to make enmity between India and China because they want India to be American pasty to fight against china and fritter away the military and economic power of both Asian countries so that anglosaxon hegemony remains as parasite on the world.

    During the 1971 War, China didn’t even move a truck despite US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s repeated requests to launch some kind of attack on India. The Chinese sat on the sidelines mutely watching India humiliate their client.Even during the Kargil war when India was hammering the pakistanis there was not a peep out of Biejing.

    China should not get trapped by the Anglo American plot. The enemies of China know that China give undue imporimportance to symbol -so so called one China policy is weakest link in China. Because that unnerved China that Taiwan be recognised by other states when reality is that Taiwan is still not a physical part of China so China would be foolish to get agitated by western bait to enrage China by threatening to recognise Taiwan.that state is already a separate state as a fact now.
    West can not make it more separate .China would be foolish to get agitated about Taiwan. China must rearm herself heavily and when time comes must attack the west along with Russia and iran to sort out those intruders into Asia.

    ________””‘””‘”‘””‘”‘”‘””””‘”‘”‘””‘”””” c
    America realised that if Russia China and India get together then they can counter anglosaxon bullying of 5 evil eyes.
    So American agents inside India from the time of traitor mm singh were induced to lie about China and made many constant derogatory writings about China to Viviane the atmosphere.they have succeeded.
    Indians out of jealousy want to destroy China and want to live happily ever after I see Anglo American slavery.they like not Asian friend but a white man as tyrant

    China should be wars of treacherous Russia who will jump into usa bed even if it means betraying her allies like iran and Syria China.
    China should be wars of India too which really has become an American vassal ( one amongst 100) and has been invited by Anglo American to open another front against China.
    My country India is in grip of traitors ever since that ugly sardar mm singh was installed as PM despite him not winning a single seat _not even for himself.
    Such is the democracy in India where a man could be pm for ten years despite having been rejected by the electorate in the general election. ! This fraudulent democracy was sustained by the corrupt connivance of English league media in India.
    So beware of this name “democracy” it is a pimpocracy for the oligarchy everywhere.


    Quote -”

    China had the world’s greatest navy, with an estimated 317 ships – constructed at Nanjing. These ships were made with special woods and waterproofing techniques, and they had an adjustable centerboard keel. Some of the ships were 440 feet long and 180 feet wide, ships with four to nine masts that were as high as ninety feet, with silk sails and with crews that numbered as many as five hundred.

    But in China interest in a great navy and merchant shipping was overshadowed by concern about military defenses on land. Attempts to control Annam failed and were expensive. In the mid-1400s the Mongols were making border raids and appeared to the Chinese as a greater threat. Also, Confucian influence had increased at court. Confucian scholars were filling the ranks of senior officialdom and remained hostile to commerce and foreign contacts. The Confucianists had little or no interest in seeing China develop into a great maritime trading power. The Confucianists saw internal trade as enough. The government ended its sponsorship of naval expeditions, and, in the spirit of isolationism, the government forbade multi-masted ships sailing out of port.”

    “Brahmins were much like the Confucians in their opposition to trade, the Brahmins making involvement in foreign trade, as well as farming and overseas travel, forbidden to their class. Generally, religious contemplation was esteemed while people with power had little interest in improving conditions for the merchant or in improving technology.”

  8. Kya says:

    We, the people of “Bharat ” pride ourselves rightly in seeing our cou try and labd as a “Mother” and so a Holy concept.
    But the people of “India” ( see the difference) tend to see the matherland as some sort of entity which can be bargained and sold out to someone who can be a fraudster but promises a higher bid.

    Even if that bid is to entice us to sell the motherland this indian coolie elite class is willing to do that.

    Having rejected the true freindship of Russia since so called liberalisation and coming to india of an unelected mnsingh the traitor sardar and the agent of usa , the Indian coolie class has acted as some sort of concubine to angloamericans.
    With this no found role of concubine this india tells pakistan ” you have been concubine for last 50 years but now I have enticed this prized usa ; so be off “.
    Difference is that while pakistan extracted a heavy price in form of free f16s and military and political support from usa for being american concubibe , this India has to pay for american junk of f16 despite being a pet concubine now.
    But the way india has been staring at china at american instigation shows that India is very proud of her concubinage now.
    The indian pm whenever he goes to usa , showers the usa with billion dollars worth of uselesl american military junks. Result is that india is still running on camell air force raher than 60 squadran air force that she badly needs.

    IN the whole decade of 80s when usa was using China against russia it was usa and her stooge inside India who were forcing American govt. To be very friendly to China and be distant to Russia; So much so that they forced rajiv Gandhi to accept Tibet as part of China in autumn 1988

    There was a chairman of Ficci who was also owner of ranbaxy,some sikh who was daily telling that India should be freindly to china and not russia -all because americans wanted that way.americans wanted that way !.Then in 90s he was telling india to demand goods in hard currency from Russia because of rouble devaluation.
    That sardar was also pushing for less military expenditure in india.
    You can check that in many papers and weekly journals of mid 89s about that.
    Such are the so called coolie elites of India -a lackey breed of lowest kind.


    China should not get trapped

    Unfortunately India , under american prompting is doing exactly opposite to that -Indua is sabotaging one belt one road initiative of china out of jelousy and out of obligation to serve her new masters the americans.
    India is a trojan horse which must be kicked out of Brucs and SCO.

    By Ignoring Pakistan-US relation in terms of Afghanistan and India , you are ignoring the root cause of Terrorism in Afghanistan exist today and for past 15 years , India and Russia cannot ignore that fact and NATO/US still has their physical presense in AF-PAK region and US still bankrolls Pakistan in guise of it supporting US troops in Afghanistan.


    Russia’s first major export to India was the MiG-21 Mach 2 fighter that changed the balance of air power in the subcontinent’s sky. Since India couldn’t afford to buy the jet, Moscow offered liberal finance that could repaid over several decades. The MiG-21 was also the first weapon offered for
    license production to a developing country.

    Since then Russia has offered India paradigm shifting weapons such as nuclear powered submarines, cryogenic engines, warships and supersonic missiles for licence production and in-country development.


    there are about 3 mill indians in US? that looks big, but actually really small compared to total population of India. In UK there are less than 3/ 4th of a million Hindus . Rest are avoed anti indian khalistani sikhs or pakis.
    Still these constituencies are overrepresntated in pushing India for being doormat to the west.


    It is Indian elites who are responsible for distance between russia and India.
    For last several years is seen that just before the Indian Pm goes to states in his annual pilgrimage he awards billion dollar contract for American junk.
    In fact many Indians are openly pumping for old rusty f16 .And they have temerity to make fun of mug 35 or su35 and t50 which all were offered to India.
    Indians elites are dogs barking for American interests.
    Thing was it was in Indian interest that Russia China and India trip fight against Anglo American bullying.
    Opposite has hsppend with India.
    American boot licking elites of India were induced by English language media to do lies and propaganda against China.
    And they expe t China to support Indian in resolution ? .
    Instead of blaming Pakistan do Indians think that they have guts to blame Americans for still giving 900 million arms aid just now? 
    By what right India thinks she has right To ask russia not to laid on with Pakistan when Indians have shamelessly opted for all pacts with us at adropof head without much discussion ? 
    Russia must not give s400 and t50 to such treacherous country as my India


    About trumps plan to tighten misuse of H-1B visa.

    India is shamelessly forging relationships with Russia’s arch enemy the United States; by allowing the U.S. to use Indian bases and now India is buying billions of more weapons from the United States than Russia; but here you are ignorantly talking about ‘interests of India’. India has used Russia more than Russia has ever needed anything from India — from using Russia for the U.N. veto power to purchasing weapons. Russia has now realized how selfish India is!

    Narendra modi now gives bribes to usa in form of immediate decisipn to buy spy infested american junk weaponary costing billions of dollars all within 2 years without any tender.


    “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” cc
    Great that India is forced to wean from this immigration and Hi-B ( sounds aids virus) visa tests.What are the Indian engineers doing except in I T ? India needs defence engineers which she can not get because Indian education system produces people who can work only as collie for foreigners.
    Total of 100 billion revenue out of 1300 billion GDP is not something for which India sacrifices her respect talent and yes independent foreign policy.Have you ever wondered that India got close to USA in last twenty years exactly at the time when America got the reputation of a rogue bully and frankly a terrorist state.India calling such state as dear freind speaks volume how low India can go to peruse a few dollars which usa prints out from thin air.


    Good for India who will be forced to chAnge from rose tinted glass of globalisation and liberalisation which itself is out of fashion in The west but worshipped now God in india by traitor elites.
    Besides Indian education system and economic model is now based on producing skilled cookie to work for white men abroad rather than work for India in india.
    That will not be realistic model and India will be forced to cater to her Indian needs.
    We need many engineers in defence railways infrastructure and aerospace.
    Not as it clerks though.

    “””””””””””””””””””””””-“-“”-“‘”” xxxxxxxxxx

    India is shamelessly forging relationships with Russia’s arch enemy the United States; by allowing the U.S. to use Indian bases and now India is buying billions of more weapons from the United States than Russia; but here you are ignorantly talking about ‘interests of India’. India has used Russia more than Russia has ever needed anything from India — from using Russia for the U.N. veto power to purchasing weapons. Russia has now realized how selfish India is!


    “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” cc
    Great that India is forced to wean from this immigration and Hi-B ( sounds aids virus) visa tests.What are the Indian engineers doing except in I T ? India needs defence engineers which she can not get because Indian education system produces people who can work only as collie for foreigners.
    Total of 100 billion revenue out of 1300 billion GDP is not something for which India sacrifices her respect talent and yes independent foreign policy.Have you ever wondered that India got close to USA in last twenty years exactly at the time when America got the reputation of a rogue bully and frankly a terrorist state.India calling such state as dear freind speaks volume how low India can go to peruse a few dollars which usa prints out of thin air BTW.
    First attempt of ISRO’s with Cryogenic engine for GSLV were unsuccessful in April 2001. After that, ISRO had tested 8 flights with Cryogenic engine; out of which 5 flew with Russian engine. The first successful test-flight using the indigenous engine happened in January 2014


  9. Kya says:

    The “Aaj tak ” channel of ” India Today ” infamy run by Aroon Poorie is pining for F16 like there is no tomorrow. This channel says that everything is cleared for the importation of F16 and F18 ! As if India is being favoured by the usa !! I remember that in year 1979 till 1981 there was a big debate in USA about selling F16 to Saudi Arabia. So that is already 40 years old. The F16 was designed 55 years ago.Background of this India Today’s machinations. We know “Aaj taak ” collaborates with the in-house “Mail Today” a tabloid of very nasty anti-India inclination, and very racist against anyone not Anglo. “India today” has made fun of Hindi speaking state of Haryana first and then Bihar and UP mid 80s onwards. Check the editions of this magazine of early 90s. How they lampooned Devilal of Haryana for not being an English speaker and Bihari and UP people while.

  10. Kya says:

    Anglosaxons 5 evil eyes must be laughing back to their satanic pentagan.
    Hindu Indians are really delusional.
    Having been not part of ruling elites for last 800 years except for a brief unterlude and serving as vassal of foreign invaders ,the Indians have no concept of how power works and rules. That is sad more coming fron a coutry which gave us the book ” Panchtantra ” written espcially for the moron stupid princes of which India has had in abundance. Even following one tenth of panchtanta -and nothing else in politics and econonics -would have raised India to a world power but alas! As Indians today need foreigner’s approval for everything then let me state that only 6 months ago that evil henry kissinger reccommended usa to follow percepts of “panch tantra ” because that was what the british had followed in their evil british empire.
    So what was that policy ?
    To create doubt amonagt others and let them die to destruction.
    Angliomericans never involve themseles in direct war ; they use plots and conspiracy to create a rift and then use two nations stupid enough to fight as their patsies.
    This is how that evil rhodes of zimmwabe plotted world war one agaibst germany to be destroyed fighting russians
    Second world war was plotted by british to destroy resurgent germany fughting soviets.
    Cold war was plotted by england to occupy germany permanently and keep russia down.
    Iraq and Syrian war was plotted and run by england to destroy middle east.
    In all these usa has acted as patsies working as slave for englands’ agenda.
    So the pattern of anglosaxon cabal is this _ they will pick up propaganda fight first with the most powerful country that they do not like _ then they will side with the second most powerful country.
    Having raised the tempo of lies they will make sure that both the first and second most powerful countries fight each otheter out .
    That is why they will side with second grade India against powerful china at the same time they will side wuth china agaibst still powerful russia as they did in 80s.
    Here you see the pattern of how americans and anglos are using india against china and stupid indians have fallen for this.
    When we kicked out the anglisaxons from india we did not remmove their pernicioy system of mental slavery from here _ that is why we are happy fighting with another asian neighbour for sake of pleasing and at instigation of outside annglosaxon 5 evil eyes.

  11. Kya says:

    Boycott ngos

    Amnesity international is a british spying organisation which must not be allowed in.
    English nation has been and are the most destructive to other nations and have no moral right to lecture anyone on human rights.
    Kick out this british spy organ.

    One can live in illusion as a lasjar for them .enjoy that. We know what truth is of such spying organisations who kept quiet for two years about iraq destruction abd yemeni destruction untll it was no longer possible to hide their silence.
    Yes we should support rohingas but not because british spy agencies tell you to do so.

    @tom murphy
    Our supreme court of indua is the best court in india which fights for common men unlike corruot anglosaxon courts.
    We do not need dirty amnesity international and other durty british spy organisation like greenpeace to shed tears for us.
    You anglos look after yourself – we have had enough of your fraudism and deceit.
    Your organisations are purely spy ones used to destabilise those who refuse to be your stooge.
    High time world is realising the fraud of your all organisations.
    We have much better human rights than you. So shove off your fradulent organisations up your backside .

    Supreme court of India is the best court in the whole world and It takes care of common men of India.
    Unlike anglisaxon corrupt court like a certain high court decision in which the british court agreed that people od Deigo Garcia had been dealt injustice in 1970 but to compensate them would incurr a lot of money to british so the case was dismissed. Such morally corrupt courts are in anglosaxon regimes.
    The same people who looted and stole others are telling others about human rights ?

    Mr John Pilgers “FREEDOM NEXT TIME” documents how the UK and USA expelled the Chagos Islanders from their own home of Diego Garcia which is now a USA military base at the expense of the Islanders.

    Stop puting your dirty nose into other nations affairs.
    You pirate nation have already looted and are looting other nations today by destabilising other nations in name of human rights ( human rights talked by anglosaxons ??? ) .

    Jenny Farnsworth
    The mirror shown to you _ is it dirty or you are ?
    Get off other nations – nobody wants to see you ugly people telling others about human rights while protecting your ugly war criminals like tony blair with no conviction .
    Yes I want human rights everywhere and want those people unjustifiably prisoned made free. But not because of a lecture from you lot.

  12. Kya says:

    if only Indians and Chinese can see that both nation can make different in the whole world and they will be unstoppable in any aspect, then they will begin to like and cooperate with each other for their own good. Just look at the insult a great nation like India receives from USA simple because USA is military greedy that have destroyed many countries like Libya and Iraq recently met with unmovable in Syria

  13. Kya says:

    The whole promise of nuke states to other nations in NPT was that those nuke states would not improve their arsenal and reduce to zero level their own nukes . For that promise the other nations were forced to sign NPT.
    As anglomericans are not adhering to the wording and spirit of nuke deal in NPT the other nations must have freedom to have as many nukes and missiles as is consistent with detrerrance against other nations.
    UNO must be dismantled because uno has encouraged the destruction of weaker nations openly by siding with bullying powers.


    Of course anglosaxons always want others to unarmed and themselves to be heavily armed.
    Not very brave and chivalrous; is it ?
    NPT was forced upon 3rd world with promise that nuclear nations will reduce and then completely denuckearise themsrlves.
    That has not happened .on the contrary those nukes states are making nukes more lethal.
    In that case 3rd world is not obliged to obey NPT and should get all arms to protect themsrlves.
    And UNO has not legitimacy and should be closed down


  14. Kya says:

    If war criminal Margaret Thather the witch of UK could say that her puny ((borrowed nuke from America called ) Polaris would reduce Russia to to ashes and make russia think twice about attack and when the whole british populace rejoiced at her saying that she would attack Russia with nukes (especially when Russia had Missiles which on combat alert reached their largest number in 1985 (2,500 missiles, including 1,398 ICBMs). At the same time, the largest number of warheads on combat alert was registered in 1986 (10,300).); then what right the anglosaxon cabal have to criticize north korea for saying that she will retort on kind if attacked ?

    what double standard is here if a tiny country relies on the only deterrancce that bullying power would understand ?

    If war criminal Margaret that her of UK could justify borrowing the then Polaris and trident missile from us because even “small nuke acts as bigger deterrance than whole army according to that evil woman then why is North Korea not justified in having own nuke rather unlike the stolen one of UK?
    Again when that puny so.an threatens to.bomb much greater power Russia then the whole media and populace cheered her up.
    What is good for UK ‘s borrowed nuke is good enoughmore for norrth Korean nukes.
    If China opposes North Korea then

    Then China will have deserved what is coming her way from the west.
    Same for Russia.
    Betraying allies to please arch enemies is loser way practised by Russia and china



    you should try to place in the shoes of North Koreans that are constantly threatened by a country that has shown such an unfair and aggressive behavior as to invent ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq just to restore the US$ as unique oil settlements, as to demonize Gaddafi just because he was leading Africa to its political and economic independence, to sow hatred in Ukraine for the sake of attacking Russia, as to wage a Proxy Army of Fundamentalist Islamists just to overthrow the legitimate Government of Syria, as to support any brutal and bloody dictator if he is subservient enough, as to stage Terrorism in allied countries such as Gladio Operation in Europe for the sake of blaming it on socialist people, and so on.
    With such background, it turns out to be pretty insane not to develop enough deterrence in order to prevent Pindostan from invading North Korea.


  15. Kya says:

    On liberation of Di -e Zor in syria

    5th september 2017.

    Today the syrian Forces with the help of the Russians, Iranians and lebanese shia Huzbullah forces, have liberated Di-ezor which signifies the beginning of end of west supported ISIL terrorists.
    But there is no news of that in rhe western english medua.
    So there is no news of that in Indian english media.( because the fighting and victory was syrian and russians’ and not of new master of indian coolie like elites – the americans ) .
    What it means is that indian english media and the west are not bothered about the terrirism as such but only when it adversaly affects them
    Otherwuse it is a great turning point against ISIL terrorists.
    India talks aboutt action against terrorism but is silent and seemigly uninterested when ISIL terrorists get killed and defeated.


  16. Kya says:

    In August 2007 Russia blocked China from re-exporting Russian RD-93 engines for Chinese-made fighters to Pakistan.

    Still india is ungrateful to Russia..though india has had open offer of T50 since 2007 india is still chasing old american junk like f 16 and british crap like jaguar today !
    Russia must not give T-50 or s400 to india.
    Would india have guts to ask usa to not give military hardware to pakistan ?
    Still before landing in us every prime minister of india for last 15 years bribe americans with order of billions of dollars for american junk

  17. Veeru says:

    @ Kya

    First Russia itself should buy its garbage T-50

    Then talk about putting it down India’s throat!!!!

    • Kya says:


      WTF-35: How the Joint Strike Fighter Got to Be Such a Mess
      The story of the F-35, and what went wrong to put the Joint Strike Fighter so far over budget and behind schedule.

      By Eric Tegler Jul 27, 2018

      T50 is the plane which Russia offered to undeserving India like she offered all advanced war planes first after those were distributed to soveit forces.
      Ungrateful indians are coolie race who deserve nothing from a freind.
      You want a business relation – usa will shaft your kind for breakfast in name of monopoly business.
      Now usa dares ask india not to have s400!

    • Kya says:

      Russian order for Su 57 is not a lot because of economic squueeze after angloamerican sanctions for the crimes that angloamericans themselves did ( dawning of malasyian plane in ukraine)
      Su57 is a much better plane than american junks like 35 and f22.

    • Kya says:

      Is the IAF really that dumb to go for the back breaking expensive F-35, that to when the DOD of US has itself pointed out several flaws in F-35 which questions its performance, very high maintenance costs and also delay in reaching targets over the span of the development, same goes for the Defense Ministry including the Defense Minister ? Also the document itself is available on the net such that one cannot say that it is classified. I smell something fishy here, are top officials in the govt. and IAF getting hefty bonus for promoting the old F-16 and new and not yet operational and viable F-35.


      Getting the F16 for the IAF would be a disaster of epic proportions.Not only is it old at the present time but by the time it reaches the end of its lifecycle in the IAF, sometime in the 2060s, it would be ancient.However much its dressed up by upgrading avionics etc, the F16 would still be almost a century old design by the 2060s.How progressive is that?

      So what exactly is the need for a new single engined fighter?Its to do with the constant refrain of the IAF of not being in a position to fight a two front war due to ‘depleting squadron strength’.

      In war games conducted by the same IAF the SU30MKI flew almost 10hour,1800 kms combat missions,with mid air refuelling,switching between the eastern and western fronts in the same sortie.This is possible because the SU30 can fly for 4.5 hours on internal fuel.

      In the 1950s, the defence brass recommended 64 squadrons of fighters for the IAF. That was revised down to 42 in the 1960s( Underline 42 in the 1960s) However, modern aircraft like the Sukhoi are versatile fighters that not only undertake strike and bombing missions but can also provide combat air patrol, creating a safe envelope for other jets to operate freely.


  18. Kya says:

    Secretary K. Jaishankar and the Ministry of External Affairs that the Indian government
    Have always been clueless relying on crutches of American vassal state after Modi or previous pm bribes Americans with billion dollar worth of order for American and British military junk.
    No wonder with such ineffective functionaries India has had no friend in last 39 years.they annoyed the only freind Russia.
    In mid 80s India had to rely on tennis star Vijay amritraj to plead Indian case before American Shultz because Indians had no guts or status to talk to Americans at that time when Americans were finding the Taliban and Sikh terrorists in 80s

    Yes India under MMS lost it’s neighbours Myanmar and Sri Lanka while trying to please the Americans and the ‘West’. US wanted India to sanctimoniously preach democrazy and (in)human rights in Myanmar. India followed orders. Myanmar ended up on China’s lap. And India on the insistence of ‘west’ took anti Lanka stand in various international forums. Lanka today is Chinese outpost. And delayed construction of chabahar port in Iran under Amriki pressure. Modi being a status quoist will continue to be in the good books of the ‘west;’


  19. Kya says:

    ” The SSBN would not have been possible — it must be gratefully admitted, without seminal help and assistance from Russia, which has been surprisingly forthcoming in parting with strategic technologies. Those in the Indian military enamoured of Western tech and imports, should sit down and enumerate what technologies the three armed services have actually received from the US and France before they begin yapping incessantly about the so-called mil high-tech Western countries supply and are prepared to part with in the future. If anybody in the GOI/MOD/armed services are even a little honest they will realize that the sole aim of Western govts and arms industries is to sell gullible 2nd rate states 2nd rate equipment dressed up with lots of bells and whistles to impress the yokels. And then the most critical tech will NOT be offered other than as “black box” technologies (even for the antiquated F-16!) . ”

    From Bharat karnard.

  20. Kya says:

    During the 1971 War, China didn’t even move a truck despite US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s repeated requests to launch some kind of attack on India. The Chinese sat on the sidelines mutely watching India humiliate their client.Even during the Kargil war when India was hammering the pakistanis there was not a peep out of Biejing.

    Japan is an occupied country that is why despite producing so many things japan has been put by angloamericans into twenty years of recession.
    India ia a newly acquired slave vassal of the usa .
    Purpose of angloamerican ploy is to make sure that russua china and india do not join up .
    So mnericans started flattering india too much which stupid indians belived in .
    So under american prompting india is provoking china on all fronts even in south china sea.
    India will have to face that consequence.
    Indian armed forces have never been so much underequipped and under moral as today -all due to 15 years’ long neglect.
    But then indian elites hope that by that time all their kids would be sucurely positioned as new tech coolie in usa as green cad holding ALIENS

    Not only that, according to sone India was also the one invaded China in 1962. Again, just google for “henderson brooks report india invaded china”.


  21. Kya says:


    Junk called f35
    So think what junk would be obsolete f 16.
    With the pasding away of german sceintists the angloamericans are very very short of talent to prodyce anything of value -that is why they force on others to take their junk by diplomatuc , economic abd miliray bulying.

  22. devraj says:

    America has cutting edge technology in each sector which could benifit india while Russia lack it. Each one admires China will power as it test nukes ICBM etc negelecting world view and nukes coperation to pak ignoring NPT.but due to all these bad works chinese have no goodwill in world like india.so world never give cutting edge tech to china but ready to share with india.We can easily see how bad quality chinese weapons are,and china has only manufacturing ability .China has only MAZDOORS for labour work.without world help china never develop cutting edge technology.Even america is unable to deveop new tech without help of foreign peoples living in usa working in nasa and other american oraganizations

  23. devraj says:

    Russia is indian fast friend .it is UNIVERSAL truth but after sad demise of USSR russian economy is only 1/15 size of US economy.its defence budget is 1/10 of USA defence budget.russian population is declining fastly resulting lack of best brains to do deep researches thus russian technology is far behind to usa in defence sector and civil sector.russia get importance because of its old techonolgy based nukes which becomes vulnerable to usa in 30-40 years due to high tech usa weapons.russia needs good economy and high population growth to regain soviet era sterngth otherwise we finds russia only in history books.

  24. devraj says:

    Regarding Su57.it is not cancelled by india.it is postponed because india is eagerly waiting for completion of izdyle 30 engines to be fit on su57 which help su57 to super cruise ,super maneouver at its upper limit and to fly with maximum speed at high altitudes with highly capable detection radars to detect f22 from long ranges and shoot f22 with awsome anti aircraft missiles.Designwise work on su57 or russian fgfa was finished long ago.only work was left to convert the design in workhourse.usa strenth is stealth and russian strength is speed agility and detection.Thus when izdyle30 engine finish in 5-6 years then su57 will be ready to challange f22.india is waiting for that time to purchase it.and as all indo russian high tech deals are covered in illusion to confuse world likes ins chakra bramhos s400 etc.this is same tactic to confuse russian and indian adversary.By 2025 SU57 rule the skies of India and russia

  25. devraj says:

    USA is marg darshak of world.what ever technology we are using .most of them are introduced by usa .market economy.globalisation etc.aeroplanes ships robots computers submarines android phones internet democracy .most of scientific things world is benifiting are given by usa.suppose usa was not born in history then mankind still living in middile age using bullock carts to travel using swords to fight.beliving celestial bodies as such planets god and goddess.no internet.no rocket.no aeroplane .not even advanced medical science.truly each of us wish to get benifit from usa either by job or some other way which russia cant give us.honestly anybody prefer usa for good future rather russia.so if russia wants to be world leader it will have to give same benifits of usa in financial and technological terms to world people

  26. Kya says:

    Indian treachery against her allies – all in order to please their masters-the americans!

    Better die standing, than live crawling.

    Treachery against the only ally that India had in the middle east _that was Iraq.

    Yes, it was Iraq. When Advani was in a meeting in The White House with Condi Rice to discuss the possibility of Indian troops for Iraq war, George Bush “dropped in” to the meeting hoping that Indians have weakness for such symbolic gestures and hence would fall for it. And it seems to have worked. Advani did give some kind of assurance to the Americans regarding Indian troops. Oh did I mention that Bush told Advani he would do some “blunt talking” to Pakistan about cross border terrorism? 


  27. Kya says:

    Indian treachery against her allies – all in order to please their masters-the americans!

    Better die standing, than live crawling.

    Treachery against the only ally that India had in the middle east _that was Iraq.

    Yes, it was Iraq. When Advani was in a meeting in The White House with Condi Rice to discuss the possibility of Indian troops for Iraq war, George Bush “dropped in” to the meeting hoping that Indians have weakness for such symbolic gestures and hence would fall for it. And it seems to have worked. Advani did give some kind of assurance to the Americans regarding Indian troops. Oh did I mention that Bush told Advani he would do some “blunt talking” to Pakistan about cross border terrorism? 


  28. Kya says:

    French philosopher Voltaire, who said more than two hundred years ago :

    I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc. . . [13] It does not behove us, who were only savages and barbarians when these Indian and Chinese peoples were civilized and learned, to dispute their antiquity.[14]


    Article by Maria Wirth

    Though I have lived in India for a long time, there are still issues here that I find hard to understand. For example, why do so many educated Indians become agitated when India is referred to as a Hindu country? The majority of Indians are Hindus. India is special because of its ancient Hindu tradition. Westerners are drawn to India because of Hinduism. Why then is there this resistance by many Indians to acknowledge the Hindu roots of their country? Why do some people even give the impression that an India which valued those roots would be dangerous? Don’t they know better?

    This attitude is strange for two reasons. First, those educated Indians seem to have a problem only with “Hindu” India, but not with “Muslim” or “Christian” countries. Germany, for example, is a secular country, and only 59 percent of the population are registered with the two big Christian churches (Protestant and Catholic). Nevertheless, the country is bracketed under “Christian countries” and no one objects. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor, stressed recently the Christian roots of Germany and urged the population “to go back to Christian values.” In 2012 she postponed her trip to the G-8 summit to make a public address on Katholikentag, “Catholics Day.” Two major political parties carry Christian in their name, including Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

    Germans are not agitated that Germany is called a Christian country, though I actually would understand if they were. After all, the history of the Church is appalling. The so-called success story of Christianity depended greatly on tyranny. “Convert or die” were the options given—not only some five hundred years ago to the indigenous population in America, but also in Germany, 1,200 years ago, when the emperor Karl the Great ordered the death sentence for refusal of baptism in his newly conquered realms. This provoked his advisor Alkuin to comment: “One can force them to baptism, but how to force them to believe?”

    Those times, when one’s life was in danger for dissenting with the dogmas of Christianity, are thankfully over. Today many in the West do dissent and are leaving the Church in a steady stream. They are disgusted with the less-than-holy behavior of Church officials and they also can’t believe in the dogmas, for example that “Jesus is the only way” and that God sends all those who don’t accept this to hell.

    The second reason why I can’t understand the resistance to associate India with Hinduism is that Hinduism is in a different category from the Abrahamic religions. Its history, compared to Christianity and Islam, was undoubtedly the least violent as it spread in ancient times by convincing arguments and not by force. It is not a belief system that demands blind acceptance of dogmas and the suspension of one’s intelligence. On the contrary, Hinduism encourages using one’s intelligence to the hilt. It is an enquiry into truth based on a refined character and intellect. It comprises a huge body of ancient literature, not only regarding dharma and philosophy, but also regarding music, architecture, dance, science, astronomy, economics, politics, etc. If Germany or any other Western country had this kind of literary treasure, it would be so proud and highlight its greatness on every occasion. When I discovered the Upanishads, for example, I was stunned. Here was expressed in clear terms what I intuitively had felt to be true, but could not have expressed clearly. Brahman is not partial; it is the invisible, indivisible essence in everything. Everyone gets again and again a chance to discover the ultimate truth and is free to choose his way back to it. Helpful hints are given but not imposed.

    In my early days in India I thought every Indian knew and valued his tradition. Slowly I realized I was wrong. The British colonial masters had been successful in not only weaning away many of the elite from their ancient tradition but even making them despise it. It helped that the British-educated class could no longer read the original Sanskrit texts and believed what the British told them. This lack of knowledge and the brainwashing by the British education may be the reason why many so-called “modern” Indians are against anything Hindu. They don’t realize the difference between Western religions that have to be believed (or at least professed) blindly, and which discourage, if not forbid, their adherents to think on their own, and the multi-layered Hindu Dharma which gives freedom and encourages using one’s intelligence


  29. Kya says:

    Indian treachery against Iran – all to please americans, the stupid indians harmed their own energy security !

    WSWS : News & Analysis : Asia : India
    US “coerced” India over Iran
    Former Bush appointee boasts
    By Kranti Kumara
    20 February 2007

    Use this version to print | Send this link by email | Email the author

    In a public speech Stephen G. Rademaker, a former US Assistant Secretary of State for Nonproliferation and International Security, boasted in New Delhi last week that the United States “coerced” India into voting against Iran at recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) meetings and warned that Washington may soon present India with an even starker choice.


    On the neoconservatives, Stan van Houcke says that one of their goals is to get ahold of the oil: ‘Right now the price of oil is determined by OPEC. In the future, 77 percent of the oil will come from 11 OPEC countries, all of which – with the exception of Venezuela – are predominantly Muslim. 67 percent of all oil reserves on the planet can be found in 5 countries in the Middle East. In the meantime the demand for oil has grown dramatically, especially from China and India, with their overwhelming economic growth and populations numbering over a billion.

    If the U.S. wants to hang on to its hegemony and maintain its extremely wasteful ways, then it’s going to have to control the sources of oil, the world’s most important natural resource – the neoconservatives let this be known over a decade ago in official papers. ‘We’re going to have to get our hands on the Middle East’, is what the neocons thought. Up until 1970 America was self-sufficient in oil, and today they must import more than fifty percent of what they consume. And the majority of that comes from OPEC countries, including Venezuela, which is an OPEC country. This also explains why they’d like to get rid of Chavez. It’s not so much that they want to grab the oil for themselves, they just want to control it. They want to be able to say: ‘We’re going to turn off the flow of oil’. China, which is what this is really all about, is the new power in the world, and they need Middle Eastern oil urgently. That’s why the U.S. has encircled China with several bases, just like it did before with the Soviet Union – containment policy is what that’s called. That way they can say to China: ‘Look, you are going to have to play by the rules that we make, otherwise we’re going to turn off the oil spigot’.’ Van Houcke: It’s also a way that the U.S. can determine the price of oil. The first and only thing that American soldiers guarded once they reached the center of Bagdad was the Ministery of Oil. The neocons had said that the oil was going to pay for the occupation. At the same moment less than a kilometer away, some of humanity’s oldest art treasures were being looted without the American authorities giving the slightest thought to protecting the archeological museum.


    Walker’s World: India’s nuke deal falters
    UPI Editor Emeritus -8th march, 2007.

    But in a leafy suburb of Mumbai, sitting over cups of tea in his living room, the grand old man of India’s nuclear scientists told United Press International that he was firmly opposed to the deal, and that as currently drafted it would fatally compromise Indian sovereignty over its nuclear program.

    “I do not think I am a lone disaffected scientist,” said Peter Ayengar, former chairman of India’s Atomic Energy commission. “Every other living former chairman of the Commission agrees with me. Indeed, I do not know any Indian nuclear scientists who do not agree.”

    “As currently drafted, the agreement would force us to stop re-processing nuclear fuel, something we have been doing for thirty years. It would terminate our strategic program (India’s nuclear weapons program) by exposing us to sanctions if we conducted nuclear tests. And it puts impossible barriers in our path to ongoing and future research, including our well-developed programs for fast-breeder reactors and to use thorium rather than uranium as a nuclear fuel,” he added.

    “By saying that India shall not re-process fuel and not develop the fast-breeder reactors, this deal undermines our ability to produce energy in the future when uranium runs out,” Ayengar went on. “This is a question of national sovereignty, of India’s right and ability to decide such things for ourselves.”

    Ayengar could speak out because he is retired. Other Indian nuclear scientists who are still serving, who spoke to UPI off the record because of a gag order issued by the Indian government, agreed with his objections to the deal. Some went further, claiming “we believe the real U.S. motive is to take control over India’s nuclear capabilities.”

    quote of CRams

    Exactly. Reminds me of the annual, pompous, “Hindustan Times Summit” and “India Today Conclave” held by Indian elites. They beg the who is who from the west to bless the occasion (I guess all expense paid trip), and they show up and spew out some condescending “Gandee is my hero” rubbish from Hilary or Nick’s worthless flatulence above. Shekhar Dhuppata and Karan Thapar get their 5-mins in with some of the white knights to blow the “India-US strategic partners” gas, and the useless western-attention craving Indian metro socialites get some cheap thrills. Sometimes, I wish that one of these western big-wigs will abuse the hospitality showered on them to tell it like it is to the Dhuppatas: you guys have a way too inflated opinion of yourselves. In fact, a while ago that jack ass Zbigniew Brzezinski for once said something useful with the airtime he is given: he told Dhuppata like Indian dorks that USA does not need India to contain China, in fact he went to add, much to the agony and heartbreaks of the Dhuppata crowd, that India does not have the heavy-lifting ability to counter China and India is barely on US’s radar screen. Harsh as it might sound, but at least such blunt talk will silence DDM from grandiose, artificial, inflated mumbo jumbo on Indian being a ‘global power of the 21st century” just because Condoleezza Rice says so, and hopefully lead them to more mundane issues like exposing TSP’s terror machinations, the damage to India resulting from USA’s support to TSP, and the like.”


    from rediff.com

  30. devraj says:

    Why china step down from doklam when in long run they have strong miltary and wealth? Because-___ bhale cheen k paas zyada paisa hai .jung k liye hathiyaar bhi kharid sakta hai baazar se.pakistan ko bhi kharid sakta hai cheen.usa ko bhee kharid sakta hai cheen.sab kharid sakta hai cheen baazar se hindustaan se jung ladne k liye.Par yaaron wo ek cheez nahi bikti bazaar mein jo khud cheen k paas nahi hei aur jo sirf hum hindustaniyon k paas hai jis se hum jaanbazo ne jangein jeeti hein.vo cheez kisi bazaar mein nahi milti.vo hai GURADA jo humare paas hai aur jo kisi baazar mein nahi bikata.us hindustani GURDE ne cheen ka di dehlaya.Jai Hind.

  31. devraj says:

    Regarding indian nuclear deterent it is not eroded but yeh compromisrd at certain level.yes india has no test verified thermonukes but we have boosted fission nukes of 150 kt and 3-4 such nukes can be easily fits on single agni3 or agni4 missiles and unitary warheads of 440 kiloton to 550 kilotons of boosted fission yields are also in inventory.so if china explodes ten bombs of 5 megaton on india .then definitely india can wipe eastern coast of china which is most developed part of china.because if three bombs of 150 kt yields explodes in triangle formation on any chinese metro city .the effects will be almost same as any chinese 5 megaton explosion on indian mega city.so india needs 20-30 nukes of 150 kt explode on china in reply of 10 chinese nukes of 5 megaton

  32. Kya says:

    “Our desperate desire to be liked probably outweighs all other considerations. Just saying, in exchange for a couple of buildings, the amrekis flattened countries and occupy for next 25 years atleast !.What have we done to perpetrators of mumbay bombings of ’93 and 2008 attack ON the very heart of capitalist symbol ?many people directly or indirectly connected with terrorists was awarded with more bollywood roles sanjay or monica bedi and others! How much degenerate so called Indian elites( remember it was ALSO very symbol of their wealth that was attacked in Mubmbay )-really coolie pen pushers -can go down ? In fact Indian elites are not elites otherwise they would have taken measures to protect at least their turf-they are basically coolies-that is what muslims said before indepddddddence-that ” you hindus have never ruled over us and will never rule us”

  33. Kya says:


    The government of American stooge manmoahn singh often complains that there isn’t enough money to feed all the poor, yet will extends corporate tax concessions worth billions of rupees. It talks about having to stop food wastage in order to be able to address hunger, when it allows millions of tons of food grains to rot in warehouses or be eaten by rats. If there is a shortage of food grains, it should halt their export for use as cattlefeed in Europe. Besides, why were farmers pushed from growing grains to cash crops?

    The government’s attitude to hunger, starvation and famine is to simply deny it.

    In Maharashtra, for instance, it sought to end hunger altogether “without adding a morsel to anyone’s diet. It simply passed an Act that deletes the word “famine” from all legislation in the state. By defining “a problem out of existence … a government kills its own responsibility towards citizens, mainly poor and hungry ones, in times of crisis,” Sainath argues.

    Some years ago, it emerged that poverty stricken tribals in Rajasthan had taken to eating wild grass to fend off hunger but died since the grass was hard to digest.

  34. Kya says:

    Ten years ago the unelected installed pm mmsingh the snake oil salesman co.mitted high treason against india by bribing so.e Mps through amar singh of sp party for unpopular indo american nuke deal.
    That dog is still roaming around in rahul gandhi’s vicinity. Jp was involved in that crime- all done in false name of electricity at one rupees per unit.!

    feb- 2014.

    Where was the excuse of congress and BJp when it allowed an unelected insignificant man mmsingh to be installed as Pm in 2004 when he was not able to win a single election for himself and was hardly a leader of the main party in the parliament ?
    Indra gandhi lost her MP seat through Allhabad highcourt judgement in 1975 for which she was made not eligible to be Pm.She could not get through rajya sabha even if she wanted. She had to bring emergency in order to continue as Pm. here this world bank low functionary and angloamerican agent had to lie that he was a resident of Assam in order to be a nominated memeber of rajya sabha-though Pm is always a memeber of lok sabha. So where was bjp whose once leader sushma sawaraj was making lot of noise against sonya gandhi so that the uneelcted sardar becomnes a Pm-all to please american master?
    In fact when communist withdrew the support from UPA on nuclear sell out to americans in 2008 then mmsingh was saying that bJp should support him because there was no diffecnere in ideoalogy of bjp and congress! only later did mmsingh arranged for a bribe to be given from ambani money to be distributed to jahrkhand Mps through another pi–mp some singh in samjadwadi party- that p–mp who has had a lot of concnetion with underworld money laundering and with so called bollywood.
    when mmsingh kicked out foreing minster natwar singh and petroleaum minster aiyyar becuase of american pressure it was bJp was was running a propaganda war against natwar singh just to please his and mmsingh’s real masters-the angloamericans.
    so where was the constutution at the time mr. congress and mr. BJP?

    Jaswant Singh at one point said in so many words that there was an American mole “high up in the Indian government.

    • Shankara says:

      Do you know why bjp brought FCRA bill to hide entities of forign funds that aid local election for both Congresss and bjp ..
      Now in RTI you can not request forign funds of BJP or congresss
      It hides information of forign funds from 1976
      During emergency indira Gandhi corrected FCRA bill to ban forign firms funding Indian Election

      Now modi has allowed it so that bjp as well as other parties can hide their funding from 1976

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