Coincidence, or uncannily simlar developments at the India and US ends

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This post is being written a day before the final phase of the state elections in Gujarat. It is an election that is already giving the ruling BJP a fright and the results on Dec 18 may show Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slipping hold on his home-state and, perhaps, the country. However the Gujarati voters will it, it is safe to say that Modi reached his political apogee  sometime back and now he may be declining.

Political punditry is not my forte. However, there are uncanny resemblances between Modi and the US President Donald J Trump. The similarities in their ‘strong man’ political trajectories are hard to miss and analyzing them, incidentally, is what I have done in a whole chapter in my next book that I am half way through writing. Notwithstanding their origins and social backgrounds from the two ends of the wealth and societal spectrum, it is astonishing just how much they have in common with each other, including their authoritarian temperaments, position in their respective firmaments as the sole source of policy ideas often voiced  without much forethought or expert inputs, down to their love of twitter to communicate with millions.

Political developments relevant to these two heads of government in India and the US too seem to be running in parallel. Trump has just been pulled down several political pegs by the election of the opposition Democratic party candidate for the US Senate, Doug Jones, from the President’s own Republican Party-dominated state of Alabama, where he had canvassed vigorously for his party’s nominee.

This is not unlike what is transpiring in Gujarat where the BJP may win but by a much reduced majority and reflect poorly on the PM’s supposed vote pulling power and set the scene for the 2019 general elections in which Modi will be running scared. In the main because, he squandered the popular mandate he was afforded in 2014 for radical system change, which he will find hard to explain to the people. He coined more slogans, and implemented measures (demonetization, GST, etc) that do not begin to address the root of all problems, and the continuing rot, in the country — the existing apparatus of state manned by generalist civil servants accountable to no one. Worse, his promise of job generation has not panned out, the economy is lurching from bad to bad (if not to worse, which’s a relief), the public life of the nation during his tenure has steadily coarsened with Modi unable or unwilling to rein in the unruly, often murderous, Hindu fringe mobs taking life, running amuck. The electorate is becoming impatient with the PM’s talk, and more talk, of change but with little evidence of it on the ground where BJP’s claims of ridding the country of corruption is contradicted by petty officials reaching out for their cut. His flagship ‘Make in India’ policy is such a welter of confusions it will end up further entrenching India as an arms dependency, except now it will be Washington controlling the drip.

The difference is that while little was expected of the crass, almost juvenile, Trump other than that he’d curse out his opponents and lift the tax burden on fellow billionaires — something he may or may not be able to deliver on, much was anticipated from Modi, just as showy and shallow, perhaps, but a political animal all the same to Trump’s political amateur.

These two will be seen in retrospect, to have had much less enduring effects than when they started out in their respective tenures. Modi’s failure is especially unfortunate because — his rhetoric (“The government has no business to be in business”) apart he never was the flag-bearer for principled rightwing conservative ideology — something India desperately needed to balance Congress Party’s Nehruvian socialism — a cover for dynastic rule in the country, and to have someone as a rightful successor to the great Rajaji (C. Rajagopalachari) and (the PM’s namesake) Mody, albeit Piloo.

About Bharat Karnad

Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, he was Member of the (1st) National Security Advisory Board and the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, and author, among other books of, 'Nuclear Weapons and Indian Security: The Realist Foundations of Strategy', 'India's Nuclear Policy' and most recently, 'Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)'. Educated at the University of California (undergrad and grad), he was Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC.
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28 Responses to Coincidence, or uncannily simlar developments at the India and US ends

  1. vivek says:

    how we can expect to clean 70 years of mess within 5 years of tenure?

    • Aban says:

      Do u think Modi and Jaitley has the political will to cleanup MMS era mess. If that was the case, Chidu , Vadra & co. would be in jail. Ashok Gehlot ,instead of campaigning in Gujarat ,would be busy saving his ass. Btw, part of this mess has its origin in Mahajan -Shourie-Yashwant era (Side Effects of stealth privatization, IT and Telecom revolution). Two shady advisors to that regime (NK Singh and Bibek Debroy) are part of Team Modi.

  2. sanman says:

    Both Trump and Modi are running into such ferocious opposition because they are daring to take on a network of corrupt special interest groups which have entrenched themselves in the country’s bastions of power. These interest groups are then fighting tooth and nail to oust their reformist enemies by hook or by crook.
    Your invocation of C. Rajagopalachari / Swatantra as an ideal statesmanlike representative of right-wing politics makes me laugh – if Rajaji were alive and contesting political leadership today, he’d be torn to bits, because today’s Left-wing thuggery would be far beyond his capacity to cope. Indeed, that’s why BJP shifted aside the feeble Advani, since he was long past his prime, with one foot in the grave, while occassionally planting the other foot in his own mouth. He was way too “low energy”, as Trump would say. By contrast, those like Trump and Modi are more proactive and bold in their pursuit of reforms against an anti-national Left who have long gone out of control.
    Since you’re comparing Trump and Modi, it’s also worth comparing their opponents like Obama, Hillary and Sonia. Obama and Sonia both have ethnic backgrounds which do not closely identify with the bulk of the population in the respective countries they’ve sought to rule over. I’d even throw in Stalin for comparison here, as he likewise was not a Russian, but rather from the tiny Georgian minority. Historically, people in that situation have sought to re-make the entire population in their own narrow image, while building up and misusing state power towards that end. Hillary seems to be motivated purely by political ambition, not even caring to have any genuine political vision of her own beyond what she could borrow from a Merkel or Obama. Personally, I see Sonia as India’s Jiang Qing against Modi’s Deng Xiaoping.
    A key problem is that Modi and Trump have arrived at a time when the Left-wing lunatics have long taken over the asylum, with their antics in full swing. Their divide-and-rule methodology has created social and political dyslexia in their respective countries. We can see that in both the US and India, the media have long been overwhelmingly partisan and shamelessly tilted to the Left. At least America’s more robust right-wing have had the courage to put forth a FOX News to stand up for their narrative, while India’s unsophisticated right-wing have yet to evolve beyond mere marches and calisthenics displays at RSS rallies. (Fine, recently we’ve seen the launch of Arnab Goswami’s Republic, but that was only mere months ago. Meanwhile, the Indian Left’s activist media outfits are legion, and they’ve adopted many tactics from their fellow Leftists abroad.)
    Unfortunately for Trump, his most dangerous foe appears to be the powerful American Deep State, which he has antagonized by daring to depart from the obsolete Cold War feud with Moscow, which is their most sacred dogma upon which their entire existence is premised. To their consternation, Trump has shown more concern about the rise of the Chinese superpower – something which the same American Deep State security apparatus have been curiously complacent about. For the Atlanticist lobby, old habits die hard. The American Deep State may end up throwing out Trump as surely as ISI tosses out disobedient Prime Ministers from Islamabad.
    Fortunately, India’s security establishment know better than to play usurpers against the political class in the country – it’s too bad that the Indian judiciary haven’t learned this lesson. While America’s more robust political system allows them to select their judges at all levels, our own rogue bench has arrogated to themselves the exclusive authority to select their own.
    As far as demonetization is concerned, it was never done with the intent of “solving all corruption” – it was specifically done with the intent of disrupting Mulayam/Samajwadi’s election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, because of their heavy reliance on black money for vote-buying. Modi astutely capitalized on Mulayam’s glaring vulnerability, and won handsome dividends in Uttar Pradesh. This was recently reinforced with a sweep of municipal seats as well. It may look like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly, but temporary economic effects will be more than offset by the gains from reforming India’s biggest bimaru bastion (Uttar Pradesh). We already knew that the opposition would try to attack Modi economically in the lead-up to the 2019 elections, because the whole reason they stalled and later relented on GST passage, was to time the discomfort of GST implementation with the period leading up to 2019. Opposition carping on demonetization is just more of that same narrative strategy.
    Personally, I try to dialogue with Trump supporters all the time, because I see their interests as very congruent with our own. Both countries are suffering from the assault of anti-nationalist forces which seek to subordinate national interest to their own selfishly anti-national agenda. Both countries are in need of a foreign policy re-orientation in the face of rising twin threats from Islamist trans-nationalism and Chinese hegemonism. Just as India was particularly hurt by Nixon’s tilt towards China, I feel that we badly need a reversal of that US tilt through a rapprochement with Moscow. But for that to occur will require a broad defeat of America’s own anti-national vested interests.

    • i hope i could reblog your comment sir, what a wonderful reply,however i still respect Mr. Bharat Karnad as a visionary man,but his selective approach towards which he calls as Hindu Fringe is something which i don’t get,partly i think that it is also the side-effect of MSM in india where they only cherry-pick stories about atrocities on minorities 7 do the chest-thumping worldwide, on the another hand, stories of Love Jihad , sexual assault on women of majority community in broad daylight by men from minority communities is never given the air-time they deserve,so that the whole world could see a comparative picture, we need channels like RT in india,so that we could also challenge the sovereignity of other countries,from where all these Think-Tanks with their Bourgeois Pacifist thinking segment will be caught off-guard ,for instance when Major Gogoi tied a stone-pelter on the jeep, Amnesty International registered a case against Major Gogoi in the Supreme Court, which is till ONGOING, i mean how can a Foreign based (alleged) NGO named Amnesty International,oppose an Indian Army serving Officer, who did the right thing in field duty ? But since we have the Loving Left in the MSM (i don’t want to mention channels) they were up in arms against the Army Major,these people from Amnesty cannot say the same for what Theresa May said after 4 consecutive attacks in UK ,that she would change the Human Rights Laws when required,if push comes to shove on National Security & these chaps could had been arrested before they could utter the word,”JACK ROBINSON”,so i think both in terms of Vision & Commitment, Modi has delievered on the front of a transperent ,non-corrupt Governance for 3 years atleast(not a single rupee scam in the books of Cong-Appointed CAG),on the issue of Doklam Standoff also ,after a lot of Flip-Flops,as long as the chinese are not building a road over there, its STATUS QUO,BRAHMOS missiles were given to Vietnam by Manohar Parrikar (which is one of the reasons the Chandigarh Lobby of Retd, BABUS & Generals from the MOD wanted him out) & we have entered into an era where whatever the govt might be ,India has to be more assertive in their Foreign Policy & Defence Policy as well,now the point is that why our own modern-day Chanakya Dr. Bharat Karnad would write such an article ?? Perhaps because he wanted Modi Govt to DO MORE (just as we all expect) , but as human beings, we also have to keep in mind that these are all legacy issues,that will be dealt with over a period of time,so i think time is avery important factor & i understand the anguish & frustration of Bharat Karnad ji(and his gut-feeling regarding the chinese gaining dominance in the world space & the translation of PLA Documents done by Michael Pillsbury that China will have a war with India ,Japan & Vietnam,of which Doklam was just an experiment both by India & Beijing testing the waters,that was blown out of Proportions by the MSM here as well) , but we like it or not things will change at their own pace, in the meantime what India could do is Strengthening the polity as well as the Defence Capabilities via Indigenisation & setting right these chaps in Uniform who are always Risk-Aversive,just like Arun Jaitely who likes to maintain Status-Quo.
      On the other hand, whatever people say about US , the Generation Z (which is upcoming generations of homeschoolers & little kids) is way more conservative since the WWII era, a report was shown about it, these UNNATURAL SEXUAL ORIENTATION aka LGBTQ enthusaists under their own utopian vision of a society of hipsters has made way more damage to the society than anything else,but since this has been internalised by the american brainwashing their own people into believing “its ok to be a Gay”,when on the contrary even Martin Luther King Jr. ,who regarded it also as a “Problem”,now they are imposing their own opinion on other people as well,i like some young conservatives like Ben Shapiro who try to bust the bubble or echo-chamber of these Fiberals which they live in, so i think conservatism,as a movement is on the rise in both US & India,no matter what happens,the battles are not won & lost by people who have identity crisis & who want to live in utopia.
      on a lighter note,zodiac signs of all three Trump,Modi & Putin is Capricorn,which is a good thing that they are getting along via RT & crosstalk shows of Peter Lavelle,of which i am also a regular viewer.
      thanks for your comment,it clears a lot of things

      • Aban says:

        Speaking of Amnesty , HRW and other US – EU funded NGOs and other organisations who intervene in India’s internal affairs , what stops the Govt from kicking them out of the country . What action has Modi taken against islamist groups Popular Front (PFI ) and SDPI ? Left’s control over education is increasing. Hundreds of BJP-RSS workers are getting killed in Kerala by CPIM cadres . Karnataka ,Kerala and Bengal has become a new Jihadi paradise. What has BJP with 282 seats and 15 state govts done except to play crybabies in TV studios? And how will BJP justify GOI awarding Petrochina (Chinese SOE) a new contract during the Doklam standoff ?

      • sanman says:

        My comment? Sure, no problems here. We all benefit from communicating and sharing ideas.

      • Kya says:

        Once I wrote to amnesity liar international.

        Amnesity international is a british spying organisation which must not be allowed in.
        English nation has been and are the most destructive to otger nations and have no moral right to lecture anyone on human rights.
        Kick out this british spy organ.

        One can live in illusion as a lasjar for them .enjoy that. We know what truth is of such spying organisations who kept quiet for two years about iraq destruction abd yemeni destruction untll it was no longer possible to hide their silence.
        Yes we should support rohingas but not because british spy agencies tell you to do so.

        @tom murphy
        Our supreme court of indua is the best court in india which fights for common men unlike corruot anglosaxon courts.
        We do not need dirty amnesity international and other durty british spy organisation like greenpeace to shed tears for us.
        You anglis look after yourself – we have had enough of your fraudism abd deceit.
        Your organisations ate purely spy used to destabiluse those who refuse to be your stooge.
        High time world is realising the fraud of your all organisations.
        We have much bettwr human rights than you. So shove off your fradulent organisations up your backside .

        Supreme court of India is the best court in the whole wirld and It takes care of common men of India.
        Unlike anglisaxon corruot court like a certain high court decision in which the british court agreed that people od Deigi Garcia had been dealt injustice in 1970 but to compensate them would incurr a lit of money to british so the case was dismissed. Such moralky corfuot courts are in anglosaxon regimes.
        The same people who loited and stole others are telling others about human rights ?

        Mr John Pilgers “FREEDOM NEXT TIME” documents how the UK and USA expelled the Chagos Islanders from their own home of Diego Garcia which is now a USA military base at the expense of the Islanders.

        Stop puting your dirty nose into other nations affairs.
        You pirate nation have already looted and are looting other nations today by destabilising other nations in name of human rights ( human rights talked by anglosaxons ??? ) .

        Jenny Farnsworth
        The mirror shown to you _ is it dirty or you are ?
        Get off other nations – nobody wants to see you ugly people telling others about human rights while protecting your ugly war criminals like tony blair with no conviction .
        Yes I want human rights everywhere and want those people unjustifiably prisoned made freed. But not by lecture from you lot.

    • Kya says:


      ” While America’s more robust political system allows them to select their judges at all levels, our own rogue bench has arrogated to themselves the exclusive authority to select their own.”
      This idiot wants india to have politicised judiciary corrupt from head to toe as in america !
      This shows that this sanman is a dog barking for americans at any cost and has no respect for our higher judiciary.
      Indian Supreme court is the best supreme court in the world. No if or buts.

  3. Aban says:

    Modi and his advisors ,cheerleaders (like those NITI Aayog clowns) are status quoists. Every policy of this govt is a continuation of MMS era disaster- Import liberalisation (disincentivizing manufacturing), cutting down spending on heathcare , education , agriculture , GST impacting SMEs and small businesses . We have got Crony Capitalism inherited from previous govt (9 lakh crore NPAs) and the cronies through their media outlets are now pushing for bank privatization. Not a single scamster- industrialist or minister or babu has been jailed. Tax cuts and other ‘incentives’ continue for the same billionaire robber barons and oligarchs (who also double up as MPs and political financiers) without resulting in any increase in corporate investments. No radical change in Education and Healthcare policy. Trade deficit with China increasing (Chinese SOEs are major beneficiaries), free trade agreements resulting in one sided imports. For small businesses and SMEs (real job creators) who deal with local bureaucracy and red tape, doing business remains difficult . Oh yes, this clueless regime’s education policy – inviting Bill Gates to set up schools in Naxalite areas as a part of his philanthropic venture! Long live status quo. UPA 3 zindabad!

    • sanman says:

      GST is vital and necessary to eliminate the complex tangle of inter-state tariffs and taxes. We need a single common Indian market to leverage the benefit of our natural size advantage. Bank privatization is fundamental for the health of the financial system, to undo the state crony capitalism which has only promoted insolvency over responsible lending. Tax cuts are needed to help employers and thus boost employment – it’s not the beggars who create jobs, nor do jobs grow on trees. We need to create a Virtuous Cycle. China has been gaining market share in India because it’s costlier to Make In India:

      • Aban says:

        Bank privatization-what if private banks fail ? Its govt who will have to bail them out. Remember US meltdown in 2008 ? Btw, if Bank privatization is good thing, Why China , Thailand , Malaysia are not privatizing their banks? (they only divested equity like SBI,PNB) Malaysia still controls GLCs and Thai govt still owns Krung Thai Bank. Chinese public banks are largest in the world.
        Tax Cuts will translate into investments ONLY IF there are Capital Controls. In 2009 MMS announced stimulus package.(tax cuts) .Next 3 years $ 60 billion + investments went out of India (mostly M&A by Indian firms abroad). GDP growth slowed down! WB and IMF model will never work! As Birla said in 2014 interviews- we r looking for tax cuts but we will invest in US not in India.

      • sanman says:

        In the US, there is the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) which insures depositors for licensed banks. This means the US Federal Govt will compensate depositors upto $100K in the event their bank fails. Similar arrangements exist in other developed countries. India likewise has the DICGC Act of 1961. Privatization will free banks from govt control, and reduce the influence of political corruption.China’s banks are sitting on a mountain of bad debt. Banking originated as a private activity – India’s banks were private before Nehru’s daughter foolishly nationalized them. Indians can’t afford to invest in India, because even the lower classes are looters. Everybody in India wants a free ride, including even the poor.

      • Aban says:

        Those who want bank privatization also want lending to small businesses to stop and are lobbying for it (read the pink papers). If that happens we are heading towards walmartization of economy. Catastophic for Labor intensive sectors. Btw lending to small businesses rarely turn into bad loans. Most of the defaulters are debt ridden companies run by ruia jindal dhoot mallya et al.

      • Nikhil says:

        The usefulness of GST is driven by the political- economy of India and not from a certain efficiency gain that can be derived analytically. Ideally states should have the capacity to reduce transaction costs and lower taxes by competing with neighbouring states. A uniform tax rate takes away this incentive and motivation. Therefore asserting the usefulness of a common market like the Pythagoras theorem displays limited capacity to think.

      • sanman says:

        “Walmartization” refers to the phenomenon of the American retail giant Walmart displacing the myriad small shops across the US through its more efficient economies of scale and pricing power. But more recently, Walmart has been overtaken by the online retail giant Amazon, with its even more efficient warehouse-to-doorstep pipeline that removes the intermediary cost of a physical store. India has its own rivals to Amazon, like Snapdeal and Flipkart. I don’t see why Indians should be deprived of the opportunity to buy goods at lower cost, if Snapdeal, Flipkart, or Amazon are more efficient. Trying to preserve inefficient small stores by blocking biggies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon will only deprive Indian consumers of more efficient lower-cost options. Perhaps India needs to decentralize certain economic policymaking powers down to the states or even districts, in order to allow each locality to progress towards reforms at its own pace. Those localities which can progress faster can do so and reap the rewards earlier, while the localities which want to go slower can do so and experience the consequences. Allowing different localities to adopt different speeds will result in a variety of approaches/solutions, and competition amongst them.

      • Aban says:

        Oh yes profit making small retailers are inefficient and loss making snapdeal, big bazaar are all efficient. Who will determine that -the govt and babus? See nothing wrong with big retailers. But i am against govt policy which discriminate between big and small players. Give loans to big retail at low interest rates and deprive small retailers of loans(which mudra was meant to rectify). I am for level playing field which is not there. There is constant attempt by certain lobbies (media, economists and corporates) to ensure govt policies favour large crony industrialists and deliberately squeeze smaller ones. Crippling small businesses by red tape and bureaucracy, infavour of bigger ones, through state intervention goes against your ‘free market’ , free enterprise system. GST was meant to do that. See latest interview of niti aayog’s Rajiv Kumar (former ficci head) to shekhar gupta.

      • sanman says:

        If you don’t like govt discriminating between different players(eg. between big & small retailers) then recognize that govt banks are inferior to private banks which are more motivated by profitable investments. Obviously the better the retailer/player is, the more profitable it will be. That’s what the market is all about.

      • sanman says:

        Whatever my thinking capacity may or may not be, the fundamental fact is that when markets are larger then forces of market competition are stronger, as are the benefits they produce. That’s why internal barriers within the Indian market have to be removed. Tariffs between states only protect local inefficiencies, instead of overcoming them through broader competition.

  4. Adiyogi says:

    There is no problem for Modi although he is receiving temporary setbacks due to mismanagement by Finance ministry Babus. I bet Sonia and Son will be in Jail within 1 year. See National Herald case, it is open and shut case. Now Ms. Sonia is out on Bail and surely she will be in Jail. BJP won’t loose election as long as there is no alternative Hindutva ideology emergence. When I say Hindutva I don’t mean Anti-Minority, I mean Hindu consciousness. See Rahul Gandi now he is running around temples, the reason is surge in Hindutva.

    As long as Jaitely is there as Finance minister, Modi is having threat of loosing his seat. After all he is a lawyer he don’t know Economics. India is the country which runs on Incentives. If Middle class feel there are no Incentives provided by Govt. beneficial to them, they don’t wish to vote govt. Despite Demo and GST, BJP won in UP and will win in Guj and Him.P because of Hindutva reason and little development initiatives like Jan Dhan, etc..,

    Another problem with Modi is he is trying to make Delhi act like a “responsible power” in Strategic and Security senarios which won’t work. Delhi shouldn’t act to Balance the power in Indian ocean region considering China. It should be dominant power where her neighbors should kneeldown in front of it…But she should offer Chair…With this Vision Delhi have to make its moves.

    • sanman says:

      I don’t want India to dominate Pakistan – I want Pakistan broken into pieces. We can’t trust them – look what happened after 1971 and Shimla Accords. Pakistan is an irredentist state, and will always break their word with us. Breaking Pakistan should be the #1 priority, because as long as Pakistan exists, they’ll hamper us from defending ourselves against China (which is just the way the Chinese like it.) When Mr Karnad talks about Pakistan being a mere gadfly, and claims Pakistan can’t threaten our existence, I find him to be naive and overconfident. When he says such things, I’m reminded of the phrase “Pride Comes Before A Fall” – just like Prithvi Raj Chauhan vs Muhammad Ghauri,

      • Adiyogi says:

        There is no doubt that Pakistan should be broken into 4 pieces, if possible more…But for that either we should confiscate their control over their Nuclear weapons or bear the brunt of the Nuclear war or destroy their Nuclear weapons using some new Technology in their own country. But implementing all these options are not easy ones.

        When Mr. Karnad say some thing there must be some value to it. Don’t through it in Dustbin. He is not like you and me. For this thought to come out and put it on public domain there must have been an enormous amount of study. Indira Gandi also called Subramanian Swamy -‘Santa Clause with unrealistic Ideas’ when he recommended Free Market Reforms. Look what happened later, Narsimha Rao after his appointment as PM, 1st thing that he did was took Blue Prints of LPG reforms and asked MMS to Draft LPG bill(This is there in his autobiography). And you know how is the state of Indian Economy after 1991.
        So respect his views.

      • sanman says:

        We should remember what Krishna told Arjun when Karna was trying to get his own chariot unstuck. That’s the problem Pakistan presents – better to take them down. Soviets were taken down by the West in spite of having nuclear weapons, because the West had sober resolve. We need to defeat the traitorous fifth column within our country first, before we can defeat Pakistan.

  5. sanman says:

    There’s a story in today’s New York Times about an incident in 2004 which occurred between 2 US Navy jets and some sort of UFO. The article includes video of the encounter:

    I wonder why they’re suddenly talking about it now.

  6. andy says:

    As the times poll indicates and todays election result second ,PM Modi is riding the TINA factor hard and good luck to him.The guy has a vision and is relentlessly pursuing it.If the political map of 2014 in north India and today is compared only Punjab and Delhi are with the opposition parties, rest are painted saffron.The Congress is reduced to ruling meghalay and other such small states,the others have been taken over by the BJP.Somehow I get the feeling that this truly nationalistic party will be in power at the centre and beyond even after 2019 general elections.Maybe his dream of a congress mukt Bharat will be a reality sooner rather than later.

    • andy says:

      Of course the Bharat in my above comment does not refer to our very own Bharat Karnad.

    • sanman says:

      What we need is a BJP victory in 2019 to ensure a 2nd term in office, and then as soon as that term starts, they need to be able to put in the most radical reforms they can, to get most of the pain out of the way by 2024. One set of reforms which could be started even before 2019 would be political reforms to the election process – ie. all elections (national, state, municipal) should be synchronized to occur simultaneously, so that the country is not always stuck in election mode. Reforms like that only inconvenience politicians, while providing more convenience to the electorate, so there’s no political cost for them. But immediately following 2019 election, we need to tackle the heavy issues like land acquisition and labour law reforms – that’s the only way to get India’s economy roaring and creating many more new jobs.

      • andy says:

        Reforms are not only about the Economy,sure labour and land reforms are a must ,but as relevant if not more are administrative,police and educational reforms these are equally necessary to unshackle the nation.Administrative reforms are a top priority because its the Government Babus and their cohorts like the clerks who behave as if its their birthright to loot the common man in return for providing sub par services,all of these so called govt servants act as if they are ruling their own personal kingdom,its they who are actually the rulers of India not the politicians(that too without much accountability).

        Police is governed by Britain era laws of an imperialist power wanting to keep the indigenous population under their thumb,its in pressing need of overhauling.

        Education is more about sending your kids to the most prestigious school/college no matter what the cost,no well earning Indian wants to send their kids to government school that needs looking at.

        Health care is another area where sub par govt services require a complete change for reasons well known to everyone.

        So reforming only the economic landscape without looking at other equally pressing reforms in myriad sectors wont transform India in the long run.

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