Making examples of the Adarsh military scamsters?

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It has been about a week since the report of the investigation ordered by former defence minister Manohar Parrikar and conducted by a panel including a serving Lieutenant General, Ravi Thodge, into the Adarsh housing scam, became public. As expected it damned in particular General NC Vij who as army chief and previously as GOC-in-C, Southern Command, had provided,  as this report says, the “protective umbrella” for efforts facilitating the “alienation of the land in question“, a very desirable piece of real estate in Colaba, Mumbai, in the face of Navy’s “serious security concerns”. The 31-storey apartment building overlooks naval installations. (Originally, the Adarsh cooperative housing society was set up to house the widows of the heroes of the Kargil border war.) But the Government has not reacted so far.

My concern is not with the bunch of politicians –four former Maharashtra Chief Ministers — Ashok Chavan, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Shivajirao Patil and two former Maharashtra Urban Development Ministers, Rajesh Tope and Sunil Tatkare, and 12 bureaucrats, who too acquired some of the 124-odd flats that were up for grabs — politicians and babus are a soiled and useless lot any way, very few among them with even a shred of integrity, but the military officers involved in this fairly brazen attempt at illegal self-enrichment.

Among this latter sad group are other than Vij, two other retired service chiefs — General Deepak Kapoor, and Admiral Madhavendra Singh, and three retired Lt. Generals G S Sihota (ex-GOC-in-C, Southern Command), Tejinder Singh (ex-IDS) and Shantanu Choudhary (ex-VCOAS), and four Major Generals — A R Kumar, V S Yadav, T K Kaul and R K Hooda. Also fingered are two Brigadiers — T K Sinha and M M Wanchu, and Col R K Bakshi.  These dramatis personae had been mentioned in the 2011 internal Army inquiry submitted to the defence ministry as well.

So far there’s not a squeak out of the Modi government about how it means to deal with these military miscreants. There’s a view that because most of these officers are now retired nothing much can be done punitively against them. On the face of it that’s not quite correct. The Government of India has every latitude to make glaring examples  of these officers who were sworn to uphold the highest standards of propriety but didn’t.

Trivially, it is surprising, for example, that Vij has stayed on as head of the Vivekananda International Foundation, the thinktank NSA Ajit Doval presided over. He should be fired forthwith by the trustees of this institution, in case he refuses to resign.

So, what should exemplary punishment be?  Because they cannot be divested of the last last rank they held, this entire group of scambags should have their retirement benefits reduced by two ranks retroactively from the time they individually entered unlawfully upon the Adarsh deal. In other words, the pensions and all pecuniary and other benefits, etc, of Messrs Kapoor and Singh should be pegged downward to what’s normally owed a retiring Major General/Rear Admiral. For Vij, however, that should mean from the time he was a three star general and offering the protective “umbrella” to the deal drivers, which will require the pegging of his pension and benefits to that of 1-star Brigadier rank. Similar demotion should see Adarsh scam stained  Lieutenant Generals also getting pensions, etc., slotted at Brigadier rank, Major Generals at Colonel-rank, Brigadiers at Major rank, and the lone Colonel involved at army Captain rank.

Moreover, GOI should issue instructions that hereafter these scamsters are to be denied use of any military-run facility, including clubs, etc., as a means of formally stamping them as service outcasts.

This treatment should become the new normal to deal with military officers caught in the web of corruption of their own making when in service.

It is reasonable action for the Modi government to take considering it has made the elimination of corruption a central plank in its governance agenda. The armed services should, in theory, welcome such initiative to pillory senior officers for bringing their respective services into disrepute.   The question is can Prime Minister Modi muster the iron will to ram this measure down the military system and set a precedent for severely punishing military men who fail to maintain a high level of probity during their careers?

Corruption is spreading in the military, and if this trend is not arrested, and the wrongdoers not legally brought to book and saddled with the additional stigma of demoted pension and other benefits, and the bestowal of service outcast status, there’s no knowing how bad the situation can become.


About Bharat Karnad

Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, he was Member of the (1st) National Security Advisory Board and the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, and author, among other books of, 'Nuclear Weapons and Indian Security: The Realist Foundations of Strategy', 'India's Nuclear Policy' and most recently, 'Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)'. Educated at the University of California (undergrad and grad), he was Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies, and Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC.
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28 Responses to Making examples of the Adarsh military scamsters?

  1. PD says:

    Mr. Karnad,
    The post clearly shows that you dare not upset the folks who pay for your living. Otherwise, you would have recommended same punishment if not more drastic punishment for the politicians and bureaucrats since the latter, as a class, have far greater access to means to reward themselves, their friends and family, not to speak of those who buy their services. If Mr Karnad was honest, he would have recommended forfeiture of all property and benefits for all involved, including military officers involved.
    Mr Karnad, your slip is showing.

    • Had you been more conversant with my writings you’d not have come to the conclusion you have. The tandem of venal politicians and bureaucrats are the bane of this country and at the heart of the kleptocratic state India has become, and there’s a whole chapter on the bureaucracy in my last book — Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet), and in my writings, including on this blog — please look up the sections on domestic politics, internal security, etc. My concern, as always, is that the Indian military not get tainted. But because the armed services and people in them are from the society and affected by its values, norms and mores, there’s this slippage which’s turning into a budding storm. And the rot, as always, starts from the top. See the way Col SS Shekhawat of SF-fame is being treated — refer today’s Hindustan Times,

      • PD says:

        You may well have written about the venality of politicians and bureaucrats elsewhere and at another time but that is no ground to defend your very clear omission of these two classes from seeking justice for the miscreants among them who were/are involved in this scam in the piece under discussion. To seek punishment only for the military and turning a blind eye to the other two classes in this piece quite obviously gave rise to the comment.
        Finally, I did not know that having written something some years ago, deprives you of the right to change your position. Once again, existence of such a right gave rise to the comment
        So Sir, if your position is the same as you are trying to imply, please modify your post. Otherwise my criticism holds.

      • The main media has been on the tail of netas and babus — they are not the focus of this post.

    • andy says: whats the expectation from Bharat?If you knew anything about him you would know that he is a prolific writer and has no qualms about holding the feet to the fire of anyone whose actions are deemed to be detrimental to Indias well being,in that sense he is a true nationalist(also proven by his return to India after a US education)How many people do you know who are not a party to the Brain drain from India after getting a high qualification from an American university?Most people in his place would have stayed back and got a green card,Ashley Tellis is a case in point.

      So kindly keep these facts in mind before accusing him of being on the take from corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.Surely your point of view will change when you read more of what hes written in a long and distinguished career..Kindly do the needful and then revert back,instead of jumping to half baked conclusions…regards andy.

      • PD says:

        I do read a bit of what he says. I did not know about his US education but that raises more questions than answers. Some of the questions that surface are the ones that he himself has raised about others. By the way, Is Andy a euphemism or a takia kalam for Bharat Karnad? Otherwise such lame excuses are usually not made in defence of a position!!
        Finally, let me place on record that I have broken bread at a dinner with him sitting alongside and have had more than occasion to have one on one chats with him. So I can say that he is not an unknown commodity and some of the positions taken by him reek.

    • andy says:

      Mr.pd your ignorance is showing.

    • andy says:

      Mr.pd do you really expect Bharat to compress all his writings over the past few decades into a single write up?Great expectations!

      • PD says:

        Thanks. I truly appreciate your hero worship. How I wish that I had camp followers like you. The easiest way to doom is to have unthinking followers. I hope that the prolific but opinionated Mr Karnad is aware of this truism.

      • andy says:

        Your wish to have followers needs to be preceeded by some sensible ideas that you put forward, I’m sure your wish would be granted sooner rather than later but the needful has to be done from your end, just nitpicking wont get you anywhere especially on this forum.

        Opinionated?just a cursory glance at the comments posted by your good self reveals who actually is opinionated.Kindly do us all a favour by keeping opinions to the minimum they really don’t make good reading coming from a person who uses initials on the internet, though its slightly better than using special characters…regards andy

  2. Wg Cdr Vinod Sud says:

    Can’t a copy of your article be sent to PM by name? Let us see if he really means to take on the scamsters headlong!

    • What will have the greatest impact is if a whole bunch of retired military men wherever they are concentrated together and in separate groups sent off a letter to the PM and, simultaneously, alerted the media to the letter(s). That would get Modi all worked up as little else would. I’d urge you to concert with colleagues and retirees for this purpose.

  3. raja says:

    When i read the PVCs stories i used to get tears in my eyes.
    I believe when they read your blog they will get tears!
    (With due respects to them)
    Really cheap.

  4. Modi Gov has mentioned removing corruption its main plank, but I don’t recall any punitive action by it against anyone of any significance.

    Retired mil officers are relatively smaller fish to fry for GOI. Hope some action follows the report.

  5. Shaurya says:

    In classical Hindu or Hindutva jurisprudence of the dharma shastras the crime of those in higher positions deserves to be punished more severely than the subordinates’ crime. If we go by Bharat’s punitive actions on the retired brass then the bureaucrats should be punished with confiscation of all their property and wealth along with relatives wealths and the politicians should face jail time. Imagine four former CM’s facing jail time. It will send a message that this government is truly different. But this type of prosecution requires a certain willingness and vision to transform a system. Modi is all about incremental reforms till he faces no other option. Air India should have been divested on day one. Indeed Shourie should have been allowed to complete the job in NDA1. But no, they have to go into this for three years and then realize there is no way out to save these monsters. In the same vein, we need much fast paced reforms and actions in the defense sector. No one is even talking of divesting the OFB’s let alone the DRDO or HAL itself.

  6. Arijit says:

    1. Our propensity to delude ourselves about our institutions is astonishing . The armed forces in India are a govt Institution , with a similar bureaucracy and same if not higher levels of corruption from top to down . Just pay attention to the procurements made , and no not just in arms and ammo. Ask people who sell them . Yet we are surprised and shocked.

    2. Bharat in his book ” Why India is not a super power yet ” emphasises the problems we have created since 1947. We have this habit of questioning the messenger.

    3. Middle class India has this deep need to sanctify and venerate certain bodies and Institutions . Its the temperament of the Sub continent . Thus a lot happens under the veil of patriotism . The taboo runs deep.

    4. Historically our Armed Forces have been shielded from mainstream society , since we do not have an army which is consists of everyday citizens , its so much more easier to control the flow of information from Institutions like these .

    5. The above is not going to change in a hurry , unless we as a society change the culture which we created for us not since 1947 but over centuries . Do not trust the 24 hours news channels and their quick fix solutions.

    6. Read Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy is a book about Pakistan Military’s Economic activities and its consequences, written by Ayesha Siddiqa.

    But there is still hope at least we are talking about it now .

    • PD says:

      As usual, the trick to divert the discussion, is in use. The issue that I had flagged, was the attempt by Mr Karnad to provide an avenue to the political class and the bureaucracy to hit at the armed forces whilst shielding themselves. Such an attempt had been spectacularly successful in the past as well in the 2001 scam as well when the military officers involved were penalised/punished quick enough but I do not recall any punishment meted out to the other folks.
      Something similar is being attempted presently as well-Mr Karnad being the person used as the spearhead in this case. I wonder whether he realises what he has done or is doing.
      As regards reading of the book by Ayesha Siddiqa, Sir, I have read that and a whole host of other literature too.
      It can be nobody’s case that ills do not pervade the Indian Military and those need not be eliminated. But to punish a class that is largely clueless about the ways of the bureaucratic world whilst shielding others whose guilt and culpability is far more, appears to be extremely unfair.

  7. KP says:

    If the military officers were clean, none of these scams would have happened – despite the presence of babus and netas in every financal activity of the defence. Military officers must have impeccable integrity because of their working environment. Those who have been in the military would have listened to their COs sermonising their troops on good order and military discipline. Now these very same COs have thrown the rule books away on assuming Flag Rank. Demotion in rank to all accused is a good suggestion. It will deter future scamsters in uniform. In fact the “Adarsh Widowers” have already fallen in the eyes of the men they commanded.

  8. Apna says:

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.” – by Marcus cicero .

    The Islamic State terrorist group is a product and tool of the United States, which uses Afghanistan’s 9territory to test weapons, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai told 



    US, Israel, Britain top supplier of defence equipment to India: Govt

    PTI | Last Updated: Friday, March 17, 2017 – 21:07


    “..Better to reign in hell than serve in the heaven ” – The Satan in paradise lost by Milton.
    This has been the moto also of anglosaxon nations.



    Asked if India will also increase the range of the Agni-V missile, which can reach targets as far Beijing with a range of over 5,000 km, Christopher denied it.

    “We may not do it because it can antagonise someone,” he said without naming any country.
    What he deliberately did not mention was that someone was none other than usa and UK. So called freind friend and new ally of India the allies who unlike Russia always hindered Indian military capability.

    This is the level of Indian impotency before The angkoanericans.
    India can openly aggravate China by saying that her missile is being specific to hit and attack Bejing and shangai but can not increase missile range for fear of west.


    In an effort to move closer to the U.S., the Vajpayee government had considered sending troops to Iraq in 2003, but aborted the move after domestic opposition. that is Iraq which was a secular state and the most friendly state in middle east towards India was betrayed by Indians at the smallest bribery of west to change sides .
    India is an untrustworthy nation.Full stop.

    Narendra modi now gives bribes to usa in form of immediate decisipn to buy spy infested american junk weaponary costing billions of ò cop routine.



    “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” CCCC

    Europe is failing from its own ineptitude
    and the China Russia alliance is convenient and healthy.

    In fact, looking at the whole picture, the USA beat the planet up very successfully and comes out the winner 10 to 1 between 2000 and 2016.

    The issue at stake is that the USA (and to a lesser extent UK, EU, Aus, Jap, Can) survives only by being able to force the planet to trade in dollars, which allows it to issue debt risk free and skim 60+% of world trade through its correspondent and Swift banking system. In 2008 nations that must exchange their real cash and services for that stinking pile of paper started to move away from the dollar. This is what the BRICS etc are about. The USA had to destroy this system rising against it, or die.

    To that end it endeavored to tear up the competition and remain with the dollar on top. In the 15 years since 9/11 the USA has successfully:

    1.destroyed the oil producers that wanted to trade oil in other than the dollar by bombing them into the stone age (Iraq Libya)
    2. torn the heart out of the BRICS
    3. taken over the governments of S America.
    4. Crushed commodities and sunk South africa
    5. Crushed emerging economies by ever strengthening the dollar as it did before in the late 90s
    6. Spread military bases into 46 of 52 African nations.
    7. Ringed the S periphery of Russia and China with long range missiles and drones.
    8. Broken the growing relationship between Eu and Russia by a coup in Ukraine, placing mass military hardware into Eu, continually removing Eu strength with financial and political subterfuge, including Brexit, flooded it with US sponsored migrants
    9. extended NATO right up to the Russian border, including Afghanistan and Kazakhstan
    10. Made merry hell with Russian economic cooperation with the EU
    11. Smashed Syria to pieces and illegally built more military bases inside the country than Russia has, all on oil fields
    12. etc etc etc.

    All of this during the US’s ‘pivot to Russia’. It’s successes were huge, against which the winning of Allepo, Crimea and Donbas by Russia were bold, necessary but minor rear-guard actions that also gave live training to Russian troops and weapons testing.

    What does 2017 bring? The US have achieved nearly everything they wanted from the pivot to Russia. Trumps ‘china bashing’ will do the same: while the world concentrates on a minor spat between China and some regional territory (what do you think the talk of Taiwan, S Korea, etc is about?), instigated and funded by the US, behind the scenes they will rip through the rest of Asia buying up and tearing governments to pieces and planting their military everywhere. And then the scene will be set for the big war.

    Why war? Because interest bearing debt requires an ever-expanding market in order for interest on past debt to be paid. If it fails to aggressively expand into virgin markets and populations (which Ru and China clearly intend to stop), it needs the fog of war to cover the quiet and massive deleveraging of banks and deflation of bubbles. That is why debt is not inherently, but always leads to evil.

    Trump is no friend of anyone. He has just elbowed his family onto the top table. The war he is having with the media is just about getting it in line with his message and loosing off its old alliances

    You will see China and Russia back to back against the militarized vampire that is dollar debt.
    They will continue to prepare for war.
    They will continue to attempt to extinguish the coming fire by trying to shove the world institutions towards a new international currency basket (the SDR).
    The issuers of debt will continue winning until the game is complete or they are all dead.

    The US plan that the next 2-5 years will be as vicious in the Asia area. That is their view 2017 et seq.

    BUT, as Thomas Carlyle wrote in 1893 in ‘French Revolution’

    “Hope ushers in revolution – as earthquakes are proceeded by bright weather”. And Russia has given decent people

    —“””-“‘”‘”””‘”‘”””‘””””‘””””””””””””:::::::::: vvvv::”””””

  9. Apna says:

    Modi like traitor mmsingh gives defence order to usa and israel not because of needs of indua but to placate tge anglosaxon race and their jewish stooges.
    It is blatant bribe by a servant to okease his master.

    Secretary K. Jaishankar and the Ministry of External Affairs that the Indian government
    Have always been clueless relying on crutches of American vassal state after Modi or previous pm bribes Americans with billion dollar worth of order for American and British military junk.
    No wonder with such ineffective functionaries India has had no friend in last 39 years.they annoyed the only freind Russia.
    In mid 80s India had to rely on tennis star Vijay amritraj to plead Indian case before American Shultz because Indians had no guts or status to talk to Americans at that time when Americans were finding the Taliban and Sikh terrorists in 80s

    Yes India under MMS lost it’s neighbours Myanmar and Sri Lanka while trying to please the Americans and the ‘West’. US wanted India to sanctimoniously preach democrazy and (in)human rights in Myanmar. India followed orders. Myanmar ended up on China’s lap. And India on the insistence of ‘west’ took anti Lanka stand in various international forums. Lanka today is Chinese outpost. And delayed construction of chabahar port in Iran under Amriki pressure. Modi being a status quoist will continue to be in the good books of the ‘west;’


  10. Apna says:

    IN the whole decade of 80s when usa was using China against russia it was usa and her stooge inside India who were forcing American govt. To be very friendly to China and be distant to Russia; So much so that they forced rajiv Gandhi to accept Tibet as part of China in autumn 1988

    China should not get trapped


    By Ignoring Pakistan-US relation in terms of Afghanistan and India , you are ignoring the root cause of Terrorism in Afghanistan exist today and for past 15 years , India and Russia cannot ignore that fact and NATO/US still has their physical presense in AF-PAK region and US still bankrolls Pakistan in guise of it supporting US troops in Afghanistan.


    Russia’s first major export to India was the MiG-21 Mach 2 fighter that changed the balance of air power in the subcontinent’s sky. Since India couldn’t afford to buy the jet, Moscow offered liberal finance that could repaid over several decades. The MiG-21 was also the first weapon offered for
    license production to a developing country.

    Since then Russia has offered India paradigm shifting weapons such as nuclear powered submarines, cryogenic engines, warships and supersonic missiles for licence production and in-country development.


    there are about 3 mill indians in US? that looks big, but actually really small compared to total population of India. In UK there are less than 3/ 4th of a million Hindus . Rest are avoed anti indian khalistani sikhs or pakis.
    Still these constituencies are overrepresntated in pushing India for being doormat to the west.


    It is Indian elites who are responsible for distance between russia and India.
    For last several years is seen that just before the Indian Pm goes to states in his annual pilgrimage he awards billion dollar contract for American junk.
    In fact many Indians are openly pumping for old rusty f16 .And they have temerity to make fun of mug 35 or su35 and t50 which all were offered to India.
    Indians elites are dogs barking for American interests.
    Thing was it was in Indian interest that Russia China and India trip fight against Anglo American bullying.
    Opposite has hsppend with India.
    American boot licking elites of India were induced by English language media to do lies and propaganda against China.
    And they expe t China to support Indian in resolution ? .
    Instead of blaming Pakistan do Indians think that they have guts to blame Americans for still giving 900 million arms aid just now? 
    By what right India thinks she has right To ask russia not to laid on with Pakistan when Indians have shamelessly opted for all pacts with us at adropof head without much discussion ? 
    Russia must not give s400 and t50 to such treacherous country as my India


    About trumps plan to tighten misuse of H-1B visa.

    India is shamelessly forging relationships with Russia’s arch enemy the United States; by allowing the U.S. to use Indian bases and now India is buying billions of more weapons from the United States than Russia; but here you are ignorantly talking about ‘interests of India’. India has used Russia more than Russia has ever needed anything from India — from using Russia for the U.N. veto power to purchasing weapons. Russia has now realized how selfish India is!

    Narendra modi now gives bribes to usa in form of immediate decisipn to buy spy infested american junk weaponary costing billions of dollars all within 2 years without any tender.


    “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” cc
    Great that India is forced to wean from this immigration and Hi-B ( sounds aids virus) visa tests.What are the Indian engineers doing except in I T ? India needs defence engineers which she can not get because Indian education system produces people who can work only as collie for foreigners.
    Total of 100 billion revenue out of 1300 billion GDP is not something for which India sacrifices her respect talent and yes independent foreign policy.Have you ever wondered that India got close to USA in last twenty years exactly at the time when America got the reputation of a rogue bully and frankly a terrorist state.India calling such state as dear freind speaks volume how low India can go to peruse a few dollars which usa prints out from thin air.


    Good for India who will be forced to chAnge from rose tinted glass of globalisation and liberalisation which itself is out of fashion in The west but worshipped now God in india by traitor elites.
    Besides Indian education system and economic model is now based on producing skilled cookie to work for white men abroad rather than work for India in india.
    That will not be realistic model and India will be forced to cater to her Indian needs.
    We need many engineers in defence railways infrastructure and aerospace.
    Not as it clerks though.

    “””””””””””””””””””””””-“-“”-“‘”” xxxxxxxxxx

    India is shamelessly forging relationships with Russia’s arch enemy the United States; by allowing the U.S. to use Indian bases and now India is buying billions of more weapons from the United States than Russia; but here you are ignorantly talking about ‘interests of India’. India has used Russia more than Russia has ever needed anything from India — from using Russia for the U.N. veto power to purchasing weapons. Russia has now realized how selfish India is!


    “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” cc
    Great that India is forced to wean from this immigration and Hi-B ( sounds aids virus) visa tests.What are the Indian engineers doing except in I T ? India needs defence engineers which she can not get because Indian education system produces people who can work only as collie for foreigners.
    Total of 100 billion revenue out of 1300 billion GDP is not something for which India sacrifices her respect talent and yes independent foreign policy.Have you ever wondered that India got close to USA in last twenty years exactly at the time when America got the reputation of a rogue bully and frankly a terrorist state.India calling such state as dear freind speaks volume how low India can go to peruse a few dollars which usa prints out of thin air BTW.
    First attempt of ISRO’s with Cryogenic engine for GSLV were unsuccessful in April 2001. After that, ISRO had tested 8 flights with Cryogenic engine; out of which 5 flew with Russian engine. The first successful test-flight using the indigenous engine happened in January 2014


  11. Rajesh Dubey Ex-MVMLer says:

    These defence officials as touts have done more harm to serving Offrs and future generations than to themselves. Thay all used their position and rank the same must be cut to size to such an extent that they share with all other out fear and humiliation.

  12. Deepak Malhotra says:

    Why have you exonerated the bureaucracy and political class who have actually approved the project and allotment of flats. When it comes to get benefits they come in first and when anything negative comes they are last.

    • Deepak Malhotra says:

      I am sure some of these armed forces officers did not know full details and roped in by the bureaucracy and politician’s to bring in acceptability and make it look like a legitimate project to cover themselves up

  13. Basant Das Maheshwari says:

    As an ex-service officer I would like to see military people named in the investigation report to be penalised for brining a bad name to their respective service.The argument that if politicians and bureaucrats can go scot free then why guilt military persons be punished is a misplaced argument because in these times also citizens of India look up at service personnel for their sterling qualities – personal integrity and exemplary code of conduct.

  14. Bhagirath Dey says:

    Mr Bharat Karnad, I completely agree with you. But it should be the fate of all those involved and not the military people alone. Government has enough tools to recover the money. All benefits should be withdrawn immediately including free accommodation to all. They should be made to pay in addition to stopping benefits.

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