BHARAT KARNAD is Professor, National Security Studies, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. His next book ‘Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)’will be published by Oxford University Press in September 2015. He has previously authored several authoritative books on India’s nuclear policy and strategy, the Indian military, India’s foreign policy, and geostrategics, most recently, ‘Índia’s Nuclear Policy’ and ‘Strategic Sellout’. He was Member of the (First) National Security Advisory Board, Member of the Nuclear Doctrine-drafting Group, National Security Council, Government of India, and, formerly, Advisor on Defence Expenditure to the Finance Commission, India — a Constitutional body, and has been Visiting Scholar at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois, and Foreign Fellow at the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies and the Henry L. Stimson Centre, Washington, DC. He is a regular lecturer at the top military training and discussion forums, including CORE (Combined Operational Review and Evaluation), DRDO Annual Directors’Conference, National Defence College, Higher Command Courses at the Army War College, College of Air Warfare, College of Naval Warfare, College of Defence Management, College of Military Engineering, and at Army Command and Corps level fora and equivalent in the other two Armed Services, and Defence Services Staff College, and  also at the Indian Administrative Service Academy, Foreign Service Institute, and the National Police Academy. He was commissioned by Headquarters, Integrated Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, to conceptualize and conduct for several years, and lecture at the annual Strategic Nuclear Orientation Course for Brigadier-rank officers and equivalent from the three Armed Services, and conducted the first ever inter-agency wargame on the nuclear tripwire.

He is also a TV analyst and writes a fortnightly column in the New Indian Express, and is an occasional contributer to Seminar, India Today, Open Magazine, Huffington Post (India), and the Quint.

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  1. Manikandan.C says:

    Thank you for “Short sighted policy on china”. You know very well our Indian politicians. I accept that India is a follower not a Leader.Basically, our Long sight is main problem; whenever a problem or crisis arises we think only the short remedy not a Long-term Solution. This is different from what other countries do.

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