Rethinking Indian Policies Towards Pakistan

For a transcript of a talk by me at an event jointly hosted by the Institute of National Strategic Studies, US National Defense University, and the Atlantic Council, and the Q & A session that followed, in Washington DC on Nov 14, 2011,

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5 Responses to Rethinking Indian Policies Towards Pakistan

  1. arh says:

    The link does not seem to work, Sir! Would appreciate if you may kindly look into it. Thanx!

  2. Jagdish says:

    The above link does not work

  3. Jagdish says:

    Karnad Ji: Found the correct URL. Pls correct. Thanks.

  4. Jagdish says:

    I think something is going wrong. The visible URL seems correct but, the actual URL when clicked is different.

    Pls try this version of the same link in tinyURL form.

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